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Template:TOCnestleft Red Guards Austin are affiliated to Red Guards - Los Angeles, Red Guards Houston, Progressive Youth Organization, Revolutionary Student Front - Austin[1] and Revolutionary Student Coordinating Committee. The organization was founded in mid 2014.

Arrests for attacking Trump supporters

Top row: Jarred Roark, 34 (Left); Taylor Tomas Chase, 21 (Center); Joseph Wayne George, 36 (Right); Bottom row: Samuel Benjamin Lauber, 21 (Left); Jason Peterson, 24 (Center); Jade Tabitha Shackelford, 19 (Right). (Photo: DPS)

Red Guards Austin members Jarred Roark, Taylor Tomas Chase, Joseph Wayne George, Samuel Benjamin Lauber, Jason Peterson, and Jade Tabitha Shackelford were arrested for violently attacking Trump supporters in November, 2016.[2]

Attack at Pro-Life Rally

In 2015, members of the Red Guards Austin attacked media mogul Alex Jones during a pro-life event.[3]

"Women hold up half the sky"


Join us this March 8th to celebrate International Women’s Day! Revolution needs women and women need Revolution. A movement should be judged by the participation of women and we aim to honor the heroic contributions of women revolutionary comrades, learn their stories and remember their names! Presented by a panel of feminist activists and hosted by Red Guards Austin.


Second from left Meli LaSalle, Norah Andrea La Torre, Ada Yaeger, and Michelle Uche second from right

With Meli LaSalle, Vonds Dubuisson, Ada Yaeger, Norah Andrea La Torre and Michelle Uche spoke at at MonkeyWrench Books, a radical bookstore in Austin Texas, March 2015.[4]

The event, "Women hold up half the sky" was hosted by Red Guards Austin.

Those indicating their intention to attend on Wherevent included Rachel Harris, Norah Andrea La Torre, Pamela Del Valle, Tee Luke, Alma Buena, Sophia Nachalo, Christina Crowley, Gillian Poirot, Merryn McNeil, Ashley Hurst, Anna Parris, Marleen Villanueva, AuDee Salinas, Annaliese Krumnow, Lynn Cowles, Caroline Eck, Victoria Grefer, Amanda Vickery, Joshua Mayhew, Dallas Hogan, Collin Pelletier, Julian Copado, Scott Grimes, Ramsey Doany, Kyle Joseph, Facundo Rompe, Karl Herrera, Nick Sheffield, Joseph Robertson, Devin E. Mardvich, Scan Reason, Maria Lorena Barros, Lindsay J. Porter, Benjamin Blowe, Staso Stubljar, Steven Walters, Zach Guerinot.[5]

Communist Party of Peru: Film, talk, discussion


Communist Party of Peru: Film, talk, discussion Public · Hosted by Red Guards Austin.

Thursday, August 25, 2016 at 3:30 PM - 6:45 PM CDT

Willie Mae Kirk Branch (3101 Oak Springs Dr).

This event is a little different. This week we're going to watch a documentary instead of reading a book. There'll be a brief talk about the Communist Party of Peru (PCP), we'll watch the documentary, and then have we'll some post-viewing discussion.[6]

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