Rebecca Fligelman Garelli

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Rebecca Fligelman Garelli

Labor Commission

In January 2020 Anthony Downing, Ashley Payne, JP Kaderbek, K.T. Liberato, Laura Gabby, and Rebecca Garelli were running for the Democratic Socialist Labor Commission.

Rebecca Fligelman Garelli (Phoenix) is a cofounder and lead organizer of Arizona Educators United (AEU)/#RedforEd. She was instrumental in organizing the educators’ campaign that culminated in a six-day strike and a 75,000-person march on the state’s capitol in 2018.[1]

YDSA for Bernie Kickoff Town Hall


Young Democratic Socialists of America - ASU September 10 2019.

YDSA for Bernie Kickoff Town Hall Public · Hosted by Young Democratic Socialists of America - ASU, Arizona for Bernie Sanders - 2020, AZ Students for Bernie.

Monday, September 9, 2019 at 7 PM – 9 PM

ASU Memorial Union, Ventana Ballroom A

In a crowded Democratic primary field, why should students support Sen. Bernie Sanders? Join the Young Democratic Socialists of America - ASU and AZ for Bernie - 2020 to hear from local politicians, organizers, and activists about why Bernie is the only candidate that will help us achieve what we are fighting for: College for All, a Green New Deal, Medicare for All, and a socialist future.

Featuring as Speakers:

Rebecca Fligelman Garelli, Tanzil Chowdhury and Gilbert Romero


Supporting teacher unionists

Ellen David Friedman July 31 2018:


In West Virginia continuing to build up power with these inspiring teacher unionists. Blue cities and red states together! — with Vanessa Arredondo-Aguirre, Rebecca Fligelman Garelli, Carrie Beatty, Natalia Bacchus, Becky Tarlau, Lori Brown Burris, Brian Bowman, Olivia Morris, Barbara Madeloni, Emily Comer, Jenny Craig, Vera Miller, Jia Lee, Kelley Collings, Kevin Prosen, Eric Blanc, Shira Cohen, Jay O'Neal, Ryan Bruckenthal, Angelina Cruz, Debby Pope and Michelle Strater Gunderson.