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Ramona McCartney

Ramona McCartney is national organiser for The People's Assembly and a member of Counterfire, a breakaway from the Socialist Workers Party.

"Stopping the virus"

"Stopping the virus: It doesn't have to be this way"

Zero Covid Coalition was live January 24 2021.

Our demand is that the government adopt a Zero Covid strategy, learning from the great success it has had in in other countries. To do this, we are uniting all those who want more effective action from the government.

Join us to hear from 25+ speakers including Jeremy Corbyn MP, Diane Abbott MP and Richard Horton (Lancet) to find out more.


Participants included Bell Ribeiro-Addy MP chair, Jo Grady UCU, Jay Patel, Robert West, Richard Burgon MP, Dr. Coral Jones, Keith Venables, Zita Holbourne, Sabby Dhalu Stand Up To Racism, Karen Reissmann People Before Profit, Lawrence Davies Equal Justice solicitors, Dr. Emma Runswick Zero Covid Coalition, Ramona McCartney The People's Assembly, Louise Irvine Keep Our NHS Public, Ben Chacko Morning Star, Howard Beckett Unite the Union, Riccardo la Torre FBU, Pascale Robinson We Own It, Matt Willgress, Arise and Labour Outlook, Sonali Bhattacharyya Momentum UK, Larissa Kennedy NUS, Helen O'Connor GMB.

Tories Out


Ramona McCartney with Sam Fairbairn and Tor Lock Griffiths.

Mingling with comrades

On Saturday 3rd Feb 2018 Communist Party of Britain comrades from across the South West District attended rallys in support of the NHS and to highlight the consequences of an increasingly privatised health service. As Ramona McCartney of The People's Assembly stated,

“As we mark the NHS 70th birthday, we have to build a movement that fights to defend it. We need to reverse the tide of cuts and privatisation. We need to end pay restraint for NHS staff and we need to build a fully funded, publicly owned and provided NHS and social care service. We need our NHS more than we need the Tory government.”

In Exeter city centre comrades set up a stall and distributed one hundred copies of The Morning Star that had been provided by Unite, and handed out copies of the February edition of Unity! In addition to selling Party literature to the sum of £32.[1]

Counterfire comrades


Ramona McCartney with Shabbir Lakha

Mary Lou McDonald connection


Ramona McCartney with Mary Lou McDonald. Template:Reflist