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Providence Students for a Democratic Society was affiliated with New Students for a Democratic Society.

FUNK the War

In 2008 Carly Devlin of Providence Students for a Democratic Society organised FUNK the War protest.

Providence SDS organized a week of action, March 18-March 20, to target and protest against different aspects of the Iraq War.
Tuesday night, sixty Providence SDSers took to downtown Providence to Funk the War and rally community support. For two hours, students passed out handbills while dancing to a homemade speaker system powered by a car battery (stylishly located in a shopping cart).
High points included the rousing speech given by Sopehya Lambertsan of Brown and Kat Poe of RISD, as well as the draping of a war memorial with a banner saying "Resist U.S. Empire." For the past five years, the tone of the anti-war campaign has been largely somber. In acting in a more light-hearted manner, we hoped to raise awareness and extend ourselves to the community using different tactics.[1]