Peter Hughes

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Peter Hughes

Peter Hughes is a New Zealand activist.

Unions Te Tai Tokerau


Odette Shaw with Sam Huggard, Julie Governor, Moana Witehera and Peter Hughes.


1989 - member of Trade Unionists Against the Compact. Attended NDU Delegate's convention in Auckland, July 3-5.[1].

1989 National spokesman for TUAC.

Communist Party

1989 - member of Communist Party of New Zealand & TUAC, CPNZ delegate for PSA. [2].

1991 CPNZ Auckland Chairman. [3]

1990 Sept. 17, identified in PV as chairman Auckland district executive CPNZ, also one of 40 or so unionists who endorsed statement against Nissan Way published in PV.

April 1994 - scheduled as speaker on Building the Fightback-lessons for mass activists at CPNZ's Socialism 94 held at Auckland - Chairperson of SHAC

Auckland Day of Action Committee

1991 23 Sept., listed as a contact in CPNZ's PV for the Auckland Day of Action Committee, part of nationwide anti-Government campaign.

Housing activism

1991 spokesman Coalition to Defend Public Housing.[4]

1992/93 Chairman State Housing Action Coalition (SHAC).

Workers Charter

2005 - The Workers Charter is personally endorsed by these 119 individuals: SCOOP 11.9.05 Peter Hughes rail union delegate (London).

Socialist Worker’s central committee

The Socialist Worker central committee in August 2011 consisted of;[5]