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Pete Smith

Anti Apartheid and opposing racism Zoom Meeting

CP Beds & Bucks inaugural public meeting. Anti Apartheid and opposing racism Zoom Meeting.

Communist Party of Britain early 2021:

We are going live - thanks to London Recruit Steve Marsling, community activist Farhana Zaman and popular union leader Roger McKenzie speakers at a meeting hosted by the Communist Party in Beds and Bucks to discuss aspects of fighting racism: education, community and union organisation and internationalism.


Participants included Markus Keaney, Adrian Coles, Steve Marsling, Luke Tuchscherer, Ray Gerlach, David Horsley, Ken Keable, Bob Newland, Mark Jones, Bob Allen, Dave Stavris, Pete Smith, Michael Butler, Richard Alcock, Chris Coppock, Hazel Flynn, John Bryan, Kelly Marchant, Joseph Weaver, Anthony O'Hara, Gareth Murphy, Mike Cattell, Adrian Lebowitz.

Centenary conference

Communist Party of Britain centenary conference August 1, 2020

90 years of the workers’ paper - rally


With special, surprise guests including Sean Hosey, Steve Marsling, Cathy Dolphin, Pete Smith and Ken Keable, of the London Recruits