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Peoples Alliance


The Peoples Alliance PA was created out of Castroite groups and "New Left" members of the marxist July 4 Coalition according to an article in Information Digest[1]. These groups had "organized counter-bicentennial demonstrations in Philadelphia in 1976. Some information on the J4Ccan be found in a Senate Internal Security publication [2]

According to SISS investigator Al Tarabochia, J4C was: "A group of revolutionary organizations such as the Puerto Rican Socialist Party, the American Indian Movement , and the Prairie Fire Organizing Committee PFOC, are sponsoring a massive rally under the name of the July 4th Coalition to coincide with the official celebrations in Philadelphia." p. 35

A letterhead for the J4C was published on p. 236 of this cited SISS hearing and a review of those names and organizations they represent show them to be the hardcore communist/marxist people and groups who will continue to show up in future marxist organizations including PA, the Mass Party Organizing Committee MPOC, its successor, the National Committee for Independent Political Action NCIPA, and united fronts such as the Mobilization for Survival MFS, some of the Workers World Party fronts of the 1980's-early 90's All-Peoples Congress and the Peoples Anti-War Mobilization PAM, and Crossroads, Frontline magazine, and related attempts to create new national marxist organizations.[3] [4] [5] [6]

Peoples Alliance Founding Conference Sponsors

The names of a few people who sponsored the "National Strategy Meeting", Nov. 9-11, 1979 that created the Peoples Alliance were listed in the October 5, 1979, Vol. XII, #20 issue of Information Digest in a brief blurb style article "Peoples Alliance".

Names as sponsors were:

National Committee

As of 1978;


Peoples Alliance Strategy Conference List of Attendees

Organizations who participated in this conference:

NCIPA (members who joined Peoples Alliance later on

A number of people who attended the Peoples Alliance Strategy Conference of November 9-11, 1979 later showed up as members of the National Committee for Independent Political Action. From the Sept.-Oct. 1984 NCIPA Newsletter we find these individuals listed on the NCIPA Steering Committee.

NCIPA 1989 Co-Chairs

Addresses for NCIPA were:

  • 1984: 2033 Fifth Avenue, N.Y., NY, 10035
  • 1989: 290 Lenox Avenue, Suite Six, New York, NY, 10027


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