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The Peace for Cuba International Appeal was a letter written in 1994 and signed by Ramsey Clark, Alice Walker, Brian Becker, Teresa Gutierrez, Quentin Young, Gloria La Riva, Paul Epstein and Kathy Durkin. The appeal was an affiliate of the Workers World Party dominated International Action Center[1]


There was a similarly entitled notice in the CPUSA's newspaper People's Weekly World, January 18, 1992, p. 17 by a group calling itself the Peace for Cuba International Appeal, made up of old-line CPUSA fronts and affiliates, aka "The Castro Lobby". It had all the earmarks of a CPUSA created "united front" because of the list of groups that were involved with it. This group promoted a "Stand Up for Cuba Now!" - "International Rally: Peace for Cuba", "End the Blockade - No U.S. Intervention - Lift the Travel Ban", scheduled for Saturday, January 25, 1992, Javits Center, New York City.

The rally was held in New York City on Sat. Jan. 25th, 2 PM at the Javits Center, 11th Ave & 34th St. The rally was also held in San Francisco on Sat. Feb. 1, 1pm at Mission High School, 19th & Dolores Streets.

Special Guests From Cuba

Other Guests

along with surprise guests and cultural performances, including:


The following is a partial list of endorsers of the rally:

Endorsing Groups

Partial list of endorsing groups:

Post-Rally event

Participants were invited to a post-rally event:

"Come and unwind after the rally...An evening of/Una noche de "Peace and Solidarity Paz y Solidaridad", Dinner, Theater, Music and Dance, Comida Latina/Latin Food, Saturday, January 25th, 8 PM, 235 W. 23rd Street (between 7 & 8th Ave) [at the CPUSA headquarters building], $2.00 donation (unemployed free), Sponsored by Concerned Young Progressive Artists for Peace and Solidarity with Cuba."


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