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Paul Mishler

Paul Mishler is the brother of Mark Mishler. Son of Elliot Mishler. Manages Friends of South Bend Labor Studies. Professor at Indiana University South Bend.


  • Studied at University of Massachusetts Amherst
  • Went to Newton North High School

Influencing Buttigieg

Inside the former train dock of the Studebaker plant, the ceilings dripped rain while people waited, their breath visible in the cold air, for Pete Buttigieg.

Sunday’s announcement of his campaign for president drew thousands, with more than 4,000 inside and another 1,500 in an overflow area outside, where Buttigieg and his husband, Chasten, briefly addressed the crowd before the main speech indoors.

Before the doors opened, the line of attendees stretched from the west side of the former auto assembly plant to the intersection of Lafayette Boulevard and South Street. They didn’t care about the rain and cold. They threw on ponchos. They cheered. They wore buttons and stickers and waved homemade signs and placards.

Not everyone in downtown South Bend on Sunday was thrilled with Buttigieg’s campaign announcement.

And closer to the rally, Paul Mishler and a handful of others stood on a corner with a sign that said “Open your hearts to Palestine and Golan.”

Though it was not an explicit anti-Buttigieg protest, Mishler said the group of peace activists wanted to push the mayor-turned-presidential-candidate to toughen his stance on Israeli-Palestinian policy, with a stronger focus on helping Palestinians.

“He’s a kind person and has been a good mayor,” Mishler said. “I don’t agree with him on everything, but we’re out here because we want to kind of push him on foreign policy.”[1]

"Socialism Betrayed"


In 2004 Roger Keeran, and Thomas Kenny published "Socialism Betrayed: Behind the Collapse of the Soviet Union"

Special thanks went to Bahman Azad, Norman Markowitz, Michael Parenti, Anthony Coughlan, and Betty Smith for reading the entire manuscript and suggesting editorial and substantive changes. We would also like to thank those who read all or parts of the manuscript and those who shared their ideas and sometimes their encouragement: Gerald Horne, Frank Goldsmith, Erwin Marquit, Sam Webb, Elena Mora, Mark Rosenzweig, Gerald Meyer, Joe Sims, Lee Dlugin, Pat Barile, Daniel Rubin, Phillip Bonosky, Bill Davis, Evelina Alarcon, Tim Wheeler, Scott Marshall, Noel Rabinowitz, Paul Mishler, Jarvis Tyner, Esther Moroze, Marilyn Bechtel, Gerald Erickson, Constance Pohl, Jackie DiSalvo, Richard Najarian and Brawee Najarian, and Jim Miller.

Also thankedd were librarians, Mark Rosenzweig of the Reference Center for Marxist Studies and Jackie Lavalle, for helping with the research, and Eileen Jamison for tracking down numerous books and articles. Also owed a debt of gratitude were Gregory Grossman for helping find sources on the second economy. Also thankedd were SUNY Empire State College for granting a sabbatical leave to Roger Keeran during which he did some early research and writing. Catherine Keeran for her assistance and Alice Ward and John Ward for providing accommodations and company, while Roger did research at the University of Texas. David Granville, Derek Kotz, Ian Denning and Charles Keller, and for technical help.[2]

Science & Society

In 2009, the Editorial Board of Science & Society, a New York based "journal of Marxist Thought and Analysis", consisted of:[3];

Northern Indiana DSA Closed Group

Members of the Northern Indiana Democratic Socialists of America Closed Facebook Group, accessed June 4, 2018, included Paul Mishler.[4]


Northern Indiana Democratic Socialists of America June 12 2019.


Dear Friends, Northern Indiana DSA activist Becca Burton has been elected as an at-large delegate to the DSA national convention. But she is a worker which means that she needs our solidarity to help get her to Atlanta. It is very important that socialism in Northern Indiana is represented at this convention so we are appealing to everyone who has joined, supported or "liked" DSA to contribute to her travel fund. Please donate through the PayPal listed below. If we get more than is actually needed the money will be used to spread socialism in our region. And with crises in housing,unemployment, health care, and education-and with racism and sexism adding to the economic crisis-we really need it. Paul Mishler.

Unpacking American socialism

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SJVP-JwJ Workers Rights Board

SJVP - Jobs with Justice June 30, 2015:


Joe Carbone executive director of the St Joseph Valley Project Jobs with Justice opens the Strategic Planning Meeting to members of the SJVP-JwJ Workers Rights Board and Steering Committee. — with Lee Gloster, Tony Flora, Sam Centellas, Paul Mishler, Stan Miles, Jeremy Bernstein, Joseph Carbone and Joe Nguyen.