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Paul Chalmers

Paul Chalmers is a New Zealand activist. He has a Masters in Philosophy, specialising in Performance Management, and has lectured on Human Resource Management at the University of Auckland’s School of Business, and on the Otago University MBA programme.[1]


1985 Training officer for the Northern Hotel, Hospital and Restaurant Workers Union.[2] Was a teacher, "a strong member of the PPTA & a delegate to the combined CSU/FOL committee.

1986-87 educator for Northern Hotel & Cleaners Union, carrying out trade union education subsidized by the TUEA, which is providing $136,398 for salary subsidies to 14 unions employing 20 education officers.

1987 official in Hotel and Hospital Workers Union, Auckland. Assisted Task Force on Trade Union Education in preparing their 2nd report.

1987 Consulted by Task Force on Trade Union Educ for 2nd report-Hotel workers union, Auckland

1989 Hotel Workers Union, Akl, TUEA Educator

In Sept. 1992 he attended Rotorua "Workplace Reform" conference, Service workers, Education officer.[3]

1999 In Employment Today, Paul Chalmers, head of the PTE Workplace Solutions, describes the use of unit standards at the Wiri plant of the Ford Motor Company.[4]

Halt All Racist Tours

In April 1977, Chalmers was named in HART News, ph 66-509 MAN, as an organizer for the 28 May HART fundraising dinner where Mike Law would speak in favour of full time area officer to co-ordinate anti-apartheid activities in region.

On July 8, 1990 Chalmers spoke, with Bob Lack and Dave Wickham at Auckland Halt All Racist Tours' soccer team's 15 year anniversary dinner.[5]

In 1990 he traveled to the USA to see how unions worked in a free environment.[6]

Labour Notes

In July 1991 he was on a list of contributors to issue 3 of Left Currents linked journal, Labour Notes Service Workers Union.

In March 1992 he was on a list of contributors to issue 5 of Left Currents linked journal, Labour Notes Service Workers union.

Newton College of Business & Technology

In 2002, Paul Chalmers founded and became the director of Newton College of Business & Technology. NCBT is a registered and accredited Training Provider of qualifications registered with the New Zealand Qualifications Framework. NCBT provides quality, personalized training within a highly supportive and fully equipped study environment. Our focus is on tertiary level Diploma and Certificate Programmes.Introduction NCBT is set to become a leading training provider in Auckland. With years of experience in corporate training, NCBT is now opening doors to international students. Since 1993 Workplace Solutions (now NCBT) has been delivering quality training to hundreds of employees of numerous corporations and government agencies in New Zealand and Australia. Paul has built up a team of skilled professionals with a focus on training in the Business and Information Technology Sectors.

NZ Fabian Society

Chalmers is on the Board for the NZ Fabian Society.[7]

Department of Labour

The Department of Labour has engaged Chalmers to investigate partnership processes by large organisations, including Carter Holt Harvey Packaging and Plastics, Franklin District Council, Dominion Breweries, and Bowron International, in his capacity as a consultant.[8]

Grassroots Labour

Chalmers became a member of Grassroots Labour, an online social network for Labour Party members on Feb. 9, 2009.[9]

Election 2008 Candidate

Chalmers ran for the electorate of Whangarei with the Labour Party in the 2008 General Election. A comment in his profile on the Labour Party Campaign website read,

"The National Party will simply serve the interests of the already wealthy and ignore the aspirations of those less well off."[10]

He came in second with 23.36% of the vote, while National Party candidate Phil Heatley won the seat with 64.16% of the vote.[11]

Indian Education Group

Chalmers is a spokesperson for the Indian Education Group.[12]