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The PSC was set up by a group of marxists, mainly from the Guardian weekly group and with help from the once Trotskyite, later Stalinists Workers World Party WWP. It supported the PLO Palestine Liberation Organization and other radical "Palestinian" organizations in their terrorist activities against Israel.

The September-October issue of "Palestine Focus" carried the following membership recruiting description of the PSC: "We invite you to join us to work for Middle East peace and Palestinian rights. The Palestine Solidarity Committee PSC is a national grassroots organization working to change U.S. government policy to support steps towards a just resolution of the Palestinian/Israeli conflict. The tremendous upsurge of the Palestinian intifada has struck a responsive chord with many Americans."

"You can help reach these potential supporters and to press our government to support self-determination for the Palestinian people through the United National international peace conference and an independent Palestinian state."

"You can help build a grassroots, activist movement which can organize for a just peace. Your political commitment, in the form of membership in PSC, will help to achieve this goal. As a member, y ou will receive "Palestine Focus" and our bimonthly "Members Update" with reports on the latest PSC activities across the United States."

Guardian ad, May 25, 1988, p. 9, National Day of Protest to End Israeli Occupation

A full-page ad appeared in the weekly marxist-maoist U.S. publication, the ''"Guardian"'' on May 25, 1988, page. 9 under the there of "National Day of Protest to End Israeli Occupation", calling on people to "Demonstrate" Saturday, June 4, 1988". Its themes were:

  • Stop the Killing, Beating, Imprisonment, and Expulsion of Palestinians
  • End the Israeli Occupation of the West Bank and Gaza
  • Stop U.S. Funding of the Occupation

Demonstrations were scheduled for New York City, Chicago, Houston and San Francisco.

A clip out box for donations listed the following addresses for them to be mailed to:

  • P.O. Box 27462, San Francisco
  • P.O. Box 372, Peck Slip Station, NY, NY 10272

The list of endorsers was very long and contained the core of the PLO Lobby with subunits in it consisting of members of the Communist Party USA CPUSA and its supporters, members of the Workers World Party WWP and its supporters, the various "lobbies" supporting the communists in Central America, some of the old Anti-Defense Lobby, the Castro Lobby, and other communist, radical and pro-PLO organizations. This list is a goldmine of communist/far-left radicals who were active at that time and still are right through 2010.

Endorsed by:

"Palestine Focus" newspaper

The PSC published a bimonthly newspaper known as "Palestine Focus" at:

  • PSC/PF, P.O. Box 27462, S.F. CA. 94127
  • PSC National Office, P.O.Box 372, Peck Slip Station, NY, NY 10272, (212) 227-1435, Fax (212) 227-1581
  • Midwest Regional Office, 1608 N. Milwaukee, #404, Chicago, IL, 60647, (312) 342-2986

The issue of September - October, 1990 featured the following Staff, writers and subjects of interest:

Special Announcements of Events or Organizations in this Issue of "Palestine Focus"

  • p. 2 - "NGOs Hold Symposium", Jeanne Butterfield, re a meeting at the U.N. from June 27-29, 1990, with more than "one hundred North American nongovernmental organizations" at the "Seventh North American Regional Symposium on the Question of Palestine". "Presentations focused on the intifada and U.S. and Israeli obstructionism and intransigence, which continue to block a solution to the Palestinian/Israeli conflict."

"The new North American Coordinating Committee is composed of the following:

P. 2: "Palestine Academic Freedom Network Formed - Nielson Bill Still Needs Cosponsors": "As the result of a well-attended conference in Washington, D.C., in June, Palestinian and North Americans students and faculty established a new Palestinian Academic Freedom Network PAFNET. PAFNET will work to defend Palestinian academic freedom and will coordinate work in North America to support the reopening of Palestinian universities and to establish stronger ties between U.S. and Palestinian universities and student bodies."

[NB: Some Palestinian universities, esp. Beir Zeit, were closed because the were bases of operations for violent student demonstrations against Israel, Israeli police, soldiers and civilians, as well as being a base of some terrorist operations].

p. 7: "American Library Association Debates Condemnation of Israeli Censorship": "David Williams, a Chicago librarian, Palestine Solidarity Committee member, and coordinator of the Committee on Israeli Censorship, has sent a report to "Palestine Focus" on his group's work to get the American Library AssociationALA to go on record against Israeli censorship in the West Bank and Gaza. The ALA's influential Social Responsibility Roundtable passed a resolution condemning Israeli censorship practices at the ALA's June meeting, and Williams committee is continuing a campaign to get the entire ALA on record. For more information to to become involved in the campaign, contact David L. Williams, reference librarian, Chicago Public Library, Social Sciences and History Division, 400 N. Franklin, Chicago, IL, 60610, (312) 269-2953."

NB: The ALA has been long infiltrated by communists and other radicals, often led by old Venceremos Brigademember, and contributing writer to the Communist Party newspaper, the "Daily World", Ann Sparanese. There is more to her record which will be published under her own page. She led the fight to prevent the ALA from condemning Castro's imprisonment of Cuban writers and free-speech activists.

p. 3: Ad, "Mobilizing for Palestinian/Israeli Peace: A U.S. Agenda for the '90s", Palestine Solidarity Committee

Featured speakers include:

The address for the Palestine Solidarity Committee was: 11 John Street, Suite 806, New York, New York, 10038, (212) 227-1435

Committees of Correspondence Connection

In 1994 Palestine Solidarity Committee, Chicago was listed on a "Membership, Subscription and Mailing List" for the Chicago Committees of Correspondence, an offshoot of the Communist Party USA.[2]

People's Progressive Convention

In 1992, a "call" went out to leftist radicals and communist revolutionaries of various orientations to hold a national People's Progressive Convention in Ypsilanti, Michigan, August 21-23, 1992.

Endorsers included Palestine Solidarity Committee .



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