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Our Revolution - Somerville is a Massachusetts affiliate of Our Revolution.

DSA connection

Meanwhile in Somerville, Boston Democratic Socialists of America endorsed and directed volunteer efforts for DSA members JT Scott (Ward 2) and Ben Ewen-Campen (Ward 3), as well as endorsing Jesse Clingan for Ward 4, and Will Mbah for Alderman-at-large. All four candidates were part of an Our Revolution - Somerville slate and won their respective races, a major accomplishment considering Ewen-Campen and Scott were both first-time candidates who unseated long-time incumbents, with 58 percent and 57 percent of the vote, respectively.

Steering committee

Rand Wilson‎ Our Revolution - Somerville February 10 2019·


New ORS steering committee — with Michael Bowler, Larry, Colleen Fitzpatrick, Nate Clauser, Susan Eldridge, Ben Bradlow, Rachel Eve, Surjeet Paintal, Anna Callahan, Jon Leonard, Melinda Green, David Cronin and Donald Cronin in Somerville, Massachusetts.

Action subcommittee

Our Revolution - Somerville April 12, 2017 ·


Action subcommittee met tonight in Assembly Square. — with Pennie Taylor, Jay Pielmeier, Alexander Place, Jon Leonard, Matthew Miller, Andy Klatt, Surjeet Paintal, Jenn Penelope and Frank Lee.

Our Revolution - Somerville activists

Rand Wilson ‎Our Revolution - Somerville April 22, 2018 ·


Our Revolution - Somerville activists gathered to celebrate our first year of organizing in Somerville. Afterwards we canvassed door-to-door to build support for Thursday’s Labor Rally and recruit new members for ORS. — with Jacob Kramer, Ben Bradlow, Colleen Fitzpatrick, Anosha Siripala, Michael Bowler, Ben Ewen-Campen, Monica Achen, Nate Clauser, Matthew Miller, Jon Leonard, James Crall, Melinda Green, Donald Cronin, Jenn Penelope, Bob Massie, Chris Lay, Rachel Eve, Frank Lee and Stephanie Hirsch.

Our Revolution - Somerville January 28, 2017 ·


OR Somerville contingent at state Our Revolution meeting in Worcester. Ready to fight back and win! — with Jared Abbott, Adam Friedman, Matthew McLaughlin, David Sloane, Noel Sanders, Zac Bears, Keith Farrell, Ben Bradlow, Ken Geiser, Anosha Siripala, Alexander Place and Neal Lesh at Unitarian Universalist Church of Worcester.


Our Revolution - Somerville July 31, 2017 ·


Our Revolution - Somerville has posted our official endorsements to our website at ourrevolutionsomerville.com. At yesterday's city-wide meeting, 75 of our members voted to endorse Matthew McLaughlin (Ward 1), JT Scott (Ward 2), Ben Ewen-Campen (Ward 3), Jesse Clingan (Ward 4), Mark Niedergang (Ward 5), Lance Davis (Ward 6), and At-Large candidates Will Mbah, Mary Jo Rossetti and Bill White, and Payton Corbett for Mayor. Get in touch with us to sign up for canvassing for our slate of progressive candidates.

Supporting Ben

Rand Wilson November 5, 2017 near Somerville, MA ·


Second shift 2-5 getting ready to head out. — attending Canvass for Our Revolution - Somerville's Progressive Slate with Alli Gofman, Melinda Green and Penelope Jennewein.

Supporting Ben Ewen-Campen.


Rand Wilson September 9, 2017:


Our Revolution - Somerville canvass taking Paid Family and Medical Leave petitions out for signatures in Ward 3 along with knocking for the ORS slate and new members! #vote4justice #OurRevolution — with Ben Ewen-Campen, Penelope Jennewein, Matthew Graham, Anosha Siripala, James Davis, Frank Lee, Alexander Place, Jon Leonard and Fenna Krienen at Somerville, Mass.