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Our Revolution - Kansas City is a Kansas/Missouri affiliate of Our Revolution.


Our Revolution - Kansas City September 9, 2019 ·


It’s a new day at ORKC! The September Board Elections are complete. Congratulations are in order to President Gracie Bautista, the first ever from Kansas! Dylan Burd now operates as Vice President from Missouri, and Thomas Huffman is our new Assistant Treasurer! Everyone was voted in by acclamation and now it’s up to all of us to get to work! ✊✊✊

Grant Owens also involved.

Kansas progressives

Grant Owens January 15 2019.


Hanging out with these progressives in Topeka after Laura Kelly’s inauguration ✊🌻 — with Dani Jacquelyn Revord, Kansas Vice Chair at Our Revolution - Kansas City, George Hanna and James A. Thompson.

Backing Elad Gross

Our Revolution - Kansas City April 13 2019


Elad Gross For Missouri with our Missouri Chair and Vice Chair Lisa Stone Martin.

Johnson City endorsees

Our Revolution - Kansas City July 8 2019·


Higher education should be affordable regardless of income level. Mo Azeem, Val Baul & Laura Smith-Everett are running for JCCC Board of Trustees and spoke at the ORKC July monthly meeting. They also have the opportunity to kick out a few conservatives which we think is cool, and neat.

Helping out in Iowa

Our Revolution - Kansas City July 7 2019.


ORKC volunteers after the Immigration Round Table With Bernie Sanders in Des Moines, Iowa July 3, 2019 — with Lisa Stone Martin, Dylan Burd, Mauricio Munoz and Richard Borlaza at Iowa.

Our Revolution - Kansas City July 7 2019.


After the Des Moines Campaign office opening for Bernie 2020. Riding the school bus to the West Des Moines Independence Day Parade where we’ll march with Bernie and canvass the crowd. — with Lisa Stone Martin, Richard Borlaza, Grant Owens and Michael Sandbothe at Iowa.

Our Revolution - Kansas City July 7 2019.


In Ankeny with the Our Revolution family after the first day of volunteering. — with Richard Borlaza, Bennette Reed-Dibben, Pam Hagen Darpel, Gracie Bautista, Grant Owens and Lisa Stone Martin at Iowa.