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Our Revolution - Charlottesville is affiliated to Our Revolution and to Democratic Socialists of America.

Infiltrating the Democrats

Charlottesville DSA 04.21.2017 at 7:03am ·

A bunch of DSA members are running as delegates to attend the 5th District Democratic Convention. The caucus is tonight, in the cafeteria of Burnley-Moran Elementary School. It opens at 6:30, and you have to be in line by 7 SHARP in order to participate in the caucus.
Please come and support your fellow DSA members! The Bernie wing took over the California Democratic Party. Let's make a start here in VA.

Please come, and please vote for the following folks:


Charlottesville DSA shared Our Revolution Charlottesville's photo. April 21, 2017;

An important deadline for influencing the direction of the Democratic Party of Virginia is coming up TODAY at 5pm! Join us and Our Revolution Charlottesville (Formerly C'ville & Central VA for Bernie) in organizing to get our voices heard within the state party. If you vote in Albemarle county, fill out this form to be a delegate at the 5th Congressional District Committee Convention by 5pm today:
Our Revolution Charlottesville with Emily Cone-Miller and 10 others at Burnley Moran Elementary.
The Bernie-inspired political revolution continues, right here in Charlottesville...
Last night we showed up in numbers at the C'ville Dems caucus to select delegates for the 5th Congressional District Convention.
The progressives/Bernie-crats took 13 of the 17 delegate positions.
All but one of the Bernie wing (13 from 14) were selected as a delegate, and that was only because the 14th was on the other side of the country and couldn't make the caucus. She is, however, one of eight alternates.
This, this right here...this is what Bernie means when he says it's going to take all of us.
And it starts by showing up. Let's make no mistake, the Democratic party in Charlottesville was transformed last night, and they never saw it coming. We showed up.

Stealing the ballot line


Charlottesville Democratic Socialists of America Organizing Committee Facebook page April 20. 2017;

Dave Schubert Why the Democratic Party? They're one of the two major parties of the 1%. We should build a labor party rather than support a party of war and worker exploitation.
Emily Cone-Miller Because for the time being the strategy of DSA is to steal the ballot line from the Democratic establishment.