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Otpor is a student group based in Serbia that has received funding from George Soros


Support from George Soros

On October 5, 2000, in the “Bulldozer Revolution“, a movement funded partly by George Soros, swept Slobodan Milosevic from power. The LA Times reported on Soros’ role, noting the problems it would cause if he were to get too much credit for his activities. By providing lots of money to already existing but struggling groups that Soros believed to be “pro-democracy”, including the student group Otpor, Soros was able to topple that country’s government.

In a 2003 news conference, Soros acknowledged his involvement, not only to the revolt in Yugoslavia but other countries, as well.

"It is necessary to mobilize civil society in order to assure free and fair elections because there are many forces that are determined to falsify or to prevent the elections being free and fair,” Mr. Soros said. “This is what we did in Slovakia at the time of Vladimir Meciar, in Croatia at the time of Franjo Tudjman and in Yugoslavia at the time of Milosevic.”[2]