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Otis Cunningham is a Chicago based activist. He is married to Lisa Brock.

Cuba visit

Lisa Brock April 10, 2016 ·


La Lisa Municipality in Havana, Cuba. Wonderful group doing wonderful things for their community. This is their Community house. — with Otis Cunningham, Pat Fry, Anne Mitchell and Mike Siviwe Elliott in Havana, Cuba.

North Americans in Support of Angola

Angola conference.JPG

The Angola Support Conference ran from May 28 - 30, 1976 in Chicago. The event was sponsored by the U.S. Out of Angola Committee and the National Conference of Black Lawyers.

Otis Cunningham and Sharon Cunningham of the African American Solidarity Committee were delegates at the conference.[1]

African Agenda

Prexy Nesbitt, Harold Rogers and Otis Cunningham, together edited the Chicago-based newsletter African Agenda[2].

African-American Agenda

Prexy Nesbitt, Harold Rogers, Linda Rae Murray, Scottie Ray and Otis Cunningham put out a newsletter for seven years called the African-American Agenda.[3]

1980s U.S. Peace Council Executive Board

Otis Cunningham was an Executive Board member of the Communist Party USA dominated U.S. Peace Council[4] 1983-1985-Chicago Peace Council.

Mozambique Support Network

A meeting of Mozambique Support Network took place Friday, March 11, 1988 and Saturday, March 12,1988 at the Lutheran School of Theology in Chicago, Illinois.

Attending the meeting were Roberta Washington, Co-chair (New York), Lisa Anderson (Idaho), Alan Isaacman, Co-chair (Minnesota), Damu Smith (Washington DC), Dan Murphy (Iowa), Mackie Mcleod (Boston), Geri Seese-Green (Oregon), Chris Root (Michigan), Stephanie Urdang (New York), Paul Epstein (Boston), Bassiru (Madison), Andy Epstein (Boston), Bill Martin, Anne Evens (Chicago), Sister Joanette Nitz (Detroit), Carrie Pratt (Madison), Prexy Nesbitt (Chicago), Dave Wiley (Michigan), Heather Gray (Atlanta), Ned Alpers, Otis Cunningham (Chicago)

Regrets were sent by Mike Johnson (Iowa), Kevin Danaher (California), Bill Minter, Kathy Flewellen (Washington, DC), Ruth Minter (Maryland), Kathie Sheldon and Steve Tarzynski (California), Paula Voelkel (Wisconsin), Coke McCord (New York) and Todd Hawkins (Washington), Treasurer Lisa Brock was unable to attend due to the tragic death of her mother in Ohio.[5]

Communist Party reformer

In 1991 Otis Cunningham, Illinois, was one of several hundred Communist Party USA members to sign the a paper "An initiative to Unite and Renew the Party" - most signatories left the Party after the December 1991 conference to found Committees of Correspondence.[6]

Committees of Correspondence

In 2006 members of the Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism National Coordinating Committee were[7];

Marilyn Albert, Mael Apollon, Carl Bloice, Barbara Blong, Barry Cohen, David Cohen, Otis Cunningham, Carl Davidson, Mort Frank, Todd Freeberg, Pat Fry, Marian Gordon, Ira Grupper, June Hemmingson, Ed Hemmingson, Fred Hicks, Duncan McFarland, Anne Mitchell, Maxine Orris, Ted Pearson, Gina Pesulima-Palencar, Edith Pollach, Marty Price, Merle Ratner, Jay Schaffner, Jae Scharlin, Mike Stein, Harry Targ, Walter Teague, Meta Van Sickle, Steve Willett and Mildred Williamson.

Black Radical Congress

Otis Cunningham was a member of the Black Radical Congress[8].

Cuba: Reportback from Havana

Cuba: Reportback from Havana conference on travel and Trump policies

The CCDS Socialist Education Project 4th Monday Monthly Discussion Monday, November 27, 2017.

Sonic attacks. Hurricanes. Diplomat expulsions. Danger warnings to U.S. citizens. New Trump administration restrictions on people-to-people travel.

What are the facts and how do we respond? How do we promote travel to Cuba that is responsible and ethical?

These were the questions that framed a 2-day conference in Havana in September for the founding of a new travel association called RESPECT - Responsible and Ethical Cuba Travel. The conference was under way when the Trump administration announced it would impose new travel restrictions and warned U.S. citizens not to travel to Cuba.

You are invited to a discussion with three veteran friends of Cuba that attended the Havana RESPECT conference: