Organization for a Free Society

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The Organization for a Free Society is a holistic, revolutionary political organization that envisions a world characterized by solidarity, equity, self-management, diversity and ecological balance. It was based mainly based in New York and Detroit.

Leading members

  • John Cronan, Jr.: a restaurant worker of 11 years, organizer, and regular contributor to Znet, he has written and spoken extensively on issues concerning class, economic democracy, environmental justice, radical political theory, movement strategy & more. His essay, "Did You Just Say Class" appeared in Real Utopia: Participatory Society for the 21st Century (AK Press, 2008) He is also currently pursuing a masters degree in Labor Studies at the CUNY Murphy Institute for Workers Education.
  • Casey Asprooth-Jackson: a student of Film Production and Human Rights at BARD college, where he has been active on campaigns surrounding labor injustice on campus and the Israel/Palestine conflict. His video work largely focuses on urban landscapes and the history of political struggle producing a number of documentary shorts concerned with social justice.[1]