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Omar Hamed

Omer Hamed is an half Palestinian, half European New Zealand based radical activist.


Takapuna Grammar 2004 and 2005.


Omar Hamed joined the Resident Doctor's Association in 2016. He has a Masters in History from Auckland University and an LLB from AUT. His post-graduate research looked at how workers and communities stopped the privatisation of New Zealand’s public health system in the 1990s. He has six years’ experience as a union official representing call centre, fast food, cinema and hotel workers.[1]

SJP connections

The group, Auckland University Students for Justice in Palestine, stood firm in the company's carpark from 4pm and voiced their anger with chants such as "Made in Auckland, used in Gaza" and "For peace and justice, quit your jobs". Protester Omar Hamed said: "We still believe they are developing and exporting military training systems," though he admitted he had no evidence to support the claim. [2]

Radical Youth

Omar Hamed was listed in Unity September 2005 as endorsing Socialist Worker's Workers Charter, Radical Youth, Auckland.

Sooden connection

In 2006 Omar Hamed was at Auckland University. He was a friend of Harmeet Singh Sooden, then being held hostage in Iraq. [3]

Pacific Youth Festival

In 2006 Omar Hamed from Aotearoa Indymedia, Aotearoa Radical Youth and a participant of the Pacific Youth Festival 2006 in Tahiti will talk about the emerging framework of regional dominance in the Pacific through neo-liberal trade agreements. Omar will discuss the motives behind Australasia's agenda in the Pacific and offer solutions of how we can 'reel' in our rogue state from continued plunder of the Pacific.

Indymedia editor

Circa 2007, Urs Signer was one of the three main editors of the anarchist news website Indymedia, alongside Asher Goldman and Signer's fellow Urewera 17 arrestee Omar Hamed.

"Urewera 17"

In October 2007, Omar Hamed was one of 17 activists arrested for allegedly taking part in Tame Iti led terrorist training camps in the Urewera Mountains in the Bay of Plenty.

In October 2007, a "good friend of Socialist Worker’s, Omar Hamed, is also facing serious firearm charges — Omar is 19 years old. He should not be spending the next two years of his life in jail, without bail or trial, on secret and therefore suspect evidence, while the police try to fit up a case against him — and terrorise every other activist in the country while they’re at it. Like Jimmy he’s an organiser for the Solidarity union, as well as an active member of Students for Peace and Justice in Palestine. Omar is also active in a range of causes in New Zealand, that include the campaign aimed at raising the minimum wage. [4]

Hamed faces three charges of illegal possession of a firearm. It is alleged Hamed - a 19-year-old Greek-born part-Palestinian - was twice in possession of a firearm in Tauranga between January 10 and January 14 this year, then in possession of a semi-automatic rifle in Auckland between September 13 and September 16.[5]

In 2007 Hamed was a member of the Auckland Anarchist Collective, who had been arrested and imprisoned in the recent “terror” raids. Supporters formed a prisoner support sub-committee to fundraise, visit and support prisoners and their whanau. They also worked closely with Conscious Collaborations and the Global Peace & Justice Auckland and supporters Civil Rights Defence Committee. W


In June 2009 Matt McCarten’s radical UNITE Union went beyond hiring organisers almost exclusively from the Worker’s Party and Socialist Aotearoa.

McCarten has hired two anarchists, both arrested in the October 2007 police anti-terror raids to organise UNITE’s mainly youthful membership.

Omar Hamed, is an organiser for Call Centres and Northland. Previously Hamed was International Affairs officer for the Auckland University Students Association and a founder of Auckland Radical Youth. Omar Hamed has also been active in the ultra-radical Students for Justice in Palestine and was one of several Save Happy Valley Coalition activists arrested for participating in “quasi-military” training camps in the Urewera Mountains.

Hamed still faces charges under the Arms Act including possession of a rifle, possession of a firearm, possession of a pistol, possession of a sawn-off shotgun, possession of restricted weapons -ie a molotov cocktail.

NZ Committee to Free the Cuban Five

Circa 2009, the list of Initiating Members and Supporters of the New Zealand Committee to Free the Cuban Five, included Omar Hamed, International Affairs office, AUSA.[6]

Socialist Aotearoa

In 2010, Omar Hamed was a member of Socialist Aotearoa, Wellington[7].

Hamed and Matt McCarten


In 2010 Hamed was AUSA international Vice president and a member of Socialist Aotearoa.


In 2006 Auckland New Students for Democratic Society, New Zealand contact was Omar Hamed.