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Michigan Medicare event

Michigan Alliance to Strengthen Social Security and Medicare presented “Health Care for All,” a forum on Rep. John Conyers, Jr.’s U.S. National Health Insurance Act (HR 676) featuring Marilyn Clement (National Coordinator for Health Care NOW), Olivia Boykins (Special Assistant to Representative John Conyers, Jr.), and Democratic Socialists of America member Richard Shoemaker (retired UAW Vice-President and former director of the UAW General Motors Department and UAW Community Action Program) and moderated by Metro AFL-CIO President Saundra Williams—Tuesday, May 1, 2007 at International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 58 (1358 Abbott Street, Detroit). Conact for the event was Democratic Socialists of America member Maurice Geary.[1]


In 2007 Olivia Boykins was a Special Assistant[2]to Representative John Conyers, Jr. of Michigan. She is also the Executive Director at Michigan Coalition for Human Rights.

Boykins was the Recording Secretary of the Detroit Metropolitan Council of Senior Citizens (representing more than 100,000 union retirees in SouthEast Michigan). She was involved in the Gray Panthers of Metro Detroit, Irma Henderson’s (WCC) Women’s Conference of Concerns, Michigan Alliance to Support Social Security and Medicare (MASSSAM), NAACP Women’s Committee, NAACP Allies Meeting and Life member, AFL-CIO Healthcare Committee, Health Care Now – Michigan (HCN), Betty’s Closet, Raging Grannies, and other civil and social justice organizations.

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