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Oliver Lee

Oliver M. Lee is a Hawaii activist.

SDS backing

When in late April 1968, the UH Board of Regents moved to implement the firing of Dr. Oliver Lee, a Students for a Democratic Society and Resistance supporter, SDS, along with its ally the Associated Students of the University of Hawaiʻi , organized a student sit-in at Bachman Hall, the UH administrative building. This coincided with the more publicized May 1968 SDS sit-in led by Mark Rudd at Columbia University in New York.

The sit-in lasted a few days before mass arrests of over 120 students and faculty occurred. The mass arrests then triggered a more massive sit-in around the building, which kept it closed for nearly a week. The ten days of protest under the banner of Liberation Hall did not lead to Oliver Lee’s reinstatement at that time, but did cause the formation of a Student-Faculty Union and the continuation of the struggle the following semester.

Within a year, threatened with loss of national accreditation by the Association of American University Professors (AAUP) and continued student and faculty pressure, the Regents were compelled to reinstate Dr. Lee. UH President Thomas Hamilton resigned. [1]

Autobiography of protest in Hawai'i

The 1996 book "Autobiography of protest in Hawai'i" by Robert H. Mast and Anne B. Mast, contained a chapter on human rights and free speech, with contributions from Oliver Lee, Setsu Okubo, Tracy Takano, Bill Hoshijo.

CCDS member

On May 27 2010, Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism member Greg King, wrote an email to several "CCDS members", forwarded from "Carl D", (probably Carl Davidson) on the subject of a John Case article on the just finished Communist Party USA National Convention in New York. The email named the "CCDS members" as Al Sargis, Jim Nakamura, John Witeck, Joe Bageant, W. A. Halabi, Mort Ahmadifar, Oliver Lee, Gary Hicks and Sandy Rosen.[2]

From: Greg King <gking...@msn.com>
Subject: FW: [CCDS Members] FYI from CarlD: JCase's Reflections on the CPUSA 29th Convention''
"Al Sargis" <albertsar...@comcast.net>, "Jim Nakamura" <j...@sonic.net>, "John Witeck" <witeckj...@hawaii.rr.com>, "Joe Bageant" <bagean...@aim.com>, "W.A. Halabi" <wah...@yahoo.com>, "Mort Ahmadifar" <ahmadi...@comcast.net>, "Oliver Lee" <o...@hawaii.edu>, "Gary Hicks" <longmarch2...@yahoo.com>, "Sandy Rosen" s...@verizon.net


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