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OLE NewMexico was founded in 2009. OLE is a non-profit, who uses grassroots organizing within the local community of working families in New Mexico. Our members and staff work together to strengthen our communities through social advocacy and economic reform, using issue-based campaigns and electoral engagement to ensure that working families are playing a critical role in shaping New Mexico’s future with a united voice.

OLE people

OLE NewMexico February 8 2018:


With Veronica Serrano, Diana Maze, Janice Dickson and Thomas Rogers at New Mexico State Capitol.

Backed Tim Keller

OLE NewMexico March 30, 2017:


OLÉ members, many who will be voting for the first time in October, in a community forum with Tim Keller, who is running for mayor of Albuquerque! We thank Tim for opting to use public financing! #blockbyblock #howwegettherematters

Backing Lujan Grisham

OLE NewMexico October 10 2018:


Gubernatorial candidate Michelle Lujan Grisham visited OLÉ this week and listened to the stories of our members - parents who want quality early education for all children, workers who are organizing against low wages and wage theft, Dreamers who are fighting for DACA, permanent residents who are becoming US citizens and people working to create an inclusive democracy that works for all of us.

In a packed house, Michelle listened, joked, and gave thoughtful responses to our members. Best of all, she reaffirmed that as governor, Michelle Lujan Grisham will stand with everyday New Mexicans to create the change our state desperately needs.

Thank you, Congressman Michelle Lujan Grisham!

OLÉ has a goal to knock on 10,000 doors by next Tuesday - and we know we can do it with your help!

OLÉ Members

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OLÉ Workers Association

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