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The Oil, Chemical and Atomic Workers' Union is an organization representing more than 80,000 people. Although OCAW was originally founded to represent oil and chemical workers, the union has grown to include workers in a wide range of energy, chemical, pharmaceutical, and allied industries. It is an affiliate of the AFL-CIO.[1]


Through the collective bargaining process, OCAW members negotiate agreements with their employers which govern wages, benefits, and working conditions. They seek to protect members against unfair discharges or demotions, employer harassment, and other forms of discrimination or management abuse. OCAW members also address promotion and seniority rights and respond to such workplace concerns as health and safety. In the community, OCAW members work to improve local, state, and federal laws, including OSHA, and to further the interests of working people in general. OCAW members are also actively involved in organizing unorganized workers to provide them the protection of a union contract.[1]


The Union's vision and mission is found on their website:

We are workers of every age, sex, and race who have joined together in an effort to uphold and improve our standard of living and achieve dignity and a voice on the job. We commit ourselves to helping unorganized workers to organize themselves. This brings them the benefits of unionization and improves our own conditions as well by increasing our bargaining power. Union organization is the best hope workers have to deal with a global economy driven by the pursuit of profit. The insecurities of temporary, casual, and contract work, employer manipulation programs, and limited opportunity jobs can be addressed through worker unity in the workplace and world community. We stand united in opposition to injustice, discrimination, oppression, ignorance, and inherent abuses of corporate power. We are committed to solidarity and collective action, social and economic justice for all working people. We join with others of like spirit to work for social justice, health and safety, a clean environment, human rights, and solidarity of all workers as we oppose exploitation around the world. We believe it is by raising our standards that we raise the standards of all workers, and it is by helping them raise their standards that we raise our own. We seek to form coalitions and build a political movement that represents the interests of working people everywhere.:[1]


2006 Staff

As at Dec. 14, 2006, the following worked for the Union:[2]


Logo from the 1997 Convention

The following were elected on Aug. 22, at the 1997 Convention, "OCAW on the Offensive":[3]

Executive Board

Alternate Executive Board Members