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Not In Our Name was an organization that opposed the Bush presidency's stance on defense. They united under these point: no war on the world, no detentions and roundups, and no police state restrictions.

It was founded in March 2002, but closed its national office and related infrastructure on March 31, 2008.

A very good and detailed report on NIONcan be found in the March 19, 2003 column at in "Not In Our Name and the World Wide Terrorism Web" by Michael Tremoglie, a very good investigative journalist.

Subsections of this article are:

Affiliated organizations

Affiliated Individuals

NION Newspaper Ads: Signatories and/or Endorses (of Statements often published as ads or on the internet)

(Details will be added here with names and dates of the ads)

Sources for both "Affiliated" and "Newspaper Ads" - FPM, Tremoglie article, 3/19/03

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  1., The Lunatic Fringe Goes Mainstream, John Perazzo, December 14, 2005; has list of signatories to a WCW New York Times ad, December (around the 13th), 2005