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Nora Rasman is Campaign Manager, Side with Love at Unitarian Universalist Association Washington D.C. Metro Area.



Nora Rasman, September 18 2016; ·

at highlander | something close to a full moon | with the foremost sanctified blues band | on the day of your 32nd rotation around the sun 😎✌🏼️✨ #ReviveLove #FortifyTheMvmt — with Caitlin Elly Breedlove, Lena K. Gardner, Jay-Marie Hill, Osagyefo Sekou and Rob Coleman at Highlander Research and Education Center.

Nora Rasman September 13, 2016;

Bazta Arpaio comrades

Marisa Franco, November 8, 2016 near Phoenix, AZ. ·

  1. baztaarpaio — with B. Loewe, Tania Unzueta, Carlos Garcia, Bob LaVenture, Neidi Dominguez, Lucia Raíz, Maria Castro, Caitlin Elly Breedlove, Ken Chapman, Francisco Luna, Nora Rasman and Randy Parraz.

Bazta Arpaio October 21, 2016;


Day 1 of this POWERFUL weekend! People from across the country started to arriving to join this historic moment in Arizona, we the people are saying #BaztaArpaio. Join us tomorrow for the LARGEST CANVASS EVER AGAINST ARPAIO!

  1. BaztaArpaio

Event link here: — with Nora Rasman, Caitlin Elly Breedlove, Maria Castro, Chris Fleischman, Paulina Helm-Hernandez and Orlando Arenas.