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Nobody Leaves Mid-Hudson


Jonathan Bix is is Executive Director and a co-founder of Nobody Leaves Mid-Hudson. After graduating from Vassar College in 2014, he became one of the organization’s first paid staff members. Jonathan has helped grow Nobody Leaves Mid-Hudson into a multi-issue, multi-county, bilingual organization, and he guides its continued development. He loves strategy, project management, self-organization, and mornings. He is inspired by the millions of people around the world—past and the present—who have struggled for a better society, and he is driven by the belief that the arc of the moral universe bends only where groups of organized people make it.[1]

Working with New Virginia Majority

Nobody Leaves Mid-Hudson May 14 2019 ·

We’re on our way to the New Virginia Majority for a weeklong training on electoral organizing ✊🏼🔥💥 Let’s 👏🏼DO 👏🏽THIS 👏🏾


— with Marco Diana Lopez, Caitlin Munchick and Vanessa Cid.

New comrades

Nobody Leaves Mid-Hudson November 7, 2017.


We had two more fundraising team trainings this weekend, including our very first one at Bard College, to welcome over 50 new members. And almost 30 of our fundraisers are joining for their second, third, or fourth time. We're so excited and so appreciative of our team - thank you all!! — feeling pumped with Sid Smith, Sarah Bonder, Mirabelle Wostrel-Rubin, Kwami Winfield, Angela Katinas, Izabel Kickner, Anna Thompson, Macy Verges, Cal Fish and Caitlin Munchick.

Leading Comrades

Jonathan Bix September 22, 2014 ·


With Margaret Kwateng, Chris Knoeppel Spencer Resnick, .


Nobody Leaves Mid-Hudson staff, November 2018:[2]

First voter registration campaign

Nobody Leaves Mid-Hudson voter registration campaign.

Caitlin Munchick shared a post. October 15 at 3:52 PM 2018:


Our first voter registration campaign. Imagine. Vanessa rocks! And our members, interns, volunteers, and collaborators own this success as much as anyone— Jarim VR, Jane McLeod, Gabbi Chwae, Violet Cole, Paulette Gonzalez, Max River, Elinor Krichmar, Tessa Kirtzman, Fionn Agger, Darrett Roberts, Hattie Goodwin, Diana Henry, Elizabeth Gibbs, Alexandra Blaine, Victoria baker!!!!!!!

500 Strong for #FamiliesBelongTogether

Nobody Leaves Mid-Hudson organized a march of over 500 people in Kingston on June 30th 2018, for the Families Belong Together national day of action. We connected the national calls for the end of family separations and detainment with our local calls for meaningful protections for undocumented people here in the Hudson Valley and across New York state: creating municipal ID programs and making driver’s licenses accessible to all New Yorkers regardless of immigration status. These protections are a means of keeping families together too.

In response, Kingston Mayor Steve Noble pledged to work with us to implement a municipal ID program. Noble also noted that it was the biggest rally that Kingston had seen yet! New York’s 19th District Congressional Candidate, Antonio Delgado, met us at the end of our march to express his support and commitment to policies that will keep families together.

Thank you to Rise Up Kingston, the Worker Justice Center of New York, Citizen Action, Ulster Immigrant Defense Network, La Voz, and the many more organizations who made this day possible.[3]

Gipson connection


Nobody Leaves Mid-Hudson helps homeowners prevent foreclosures and evictions. New York State Senator Terry Gipson met with Jonathan Bix, Spencer Resnick, Carolyn Phillips and Darrett Roberts about their organization July 2013.[4]