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Nicole Deane

Nicole Deane is the sister of Alex Deane. Daughter of Natasha Deane. She manages The Eviction Defense Collaborative and CRC Allies and Accomplices - CRCA.

She is active in the Oakland Alliance.

Dan Siegel for Mayor

Nicole Deane June 20, 2014:


The Lit Drop prep team — with Nubia Bowe, April Thomas, Dan Siegel and Carroll Fife.

LeftRoots compa

In 2017 Nicole Deane was a LeftRoots compa.Alex Deane October 18, 2017 ·


Okay, so these outfits might be a little ridiculous, and I might have been a very bald baby. But check out how cute we were! Shoutout to my sister Nicole Deane for being my comrade and also a LeftRoots compa. That's all the clickbait I've got for you - now that I have your attention, will you help me reach my goal of raising $1,000 for LeftRoots this week? All you have to do is CLICK HERE:

Backing Pamela Price/Cat Brooks

Nicole Deane June 3 2018:


(if you have the privilege to do so)


PAMELA PRICE FOR DISTRICT ATTORNEY! Vote OUT Nancy O'Malley, who is a racist, entrenched cop who has advanced a white supremacist agenda in Alameda County for over 10 years. #Justice4AlanBlueford #FireOMalley ... See More — with Katie Bird, Pamela Y. Price, J.J. Sexton, Carroll Fife and Cat Brooks.

Kiva connection

Nicole Deane March 24, 2016:


With Rashidah Grinage, Carroll Fife, Dan Siegel, Gus Newport, Shonda Roberts and James Massar.


Nicole Deane August 9 2018:


With Annie Morgan, James Burch, Katie Bird, Sanaa Bengholam, April Thomas, J.J. Sexton, Jean Jeffress, Cat Brooks, Lacey Hunter, Marcia Lovelace, Sharon Fennema, Cherri Murphy, Carol Robison and Deb Avery.