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Nick Seidita


The Democratic Socialist Organizing Committee organized a DEMOCRACY '76 conference within the Democratic Party conference in Los Angeles in 1976.

Are there concrete programs that progressives can work for in this election year which could begin to democratize our social and economic institutions? D.S~O.C. thinks that there are . . . and has initiated a nationwide series of conferences to discuss the DEMOCRACY '76 program.
Already endorsed by political and union leaders - including George McGovern - DEMOCRACY '76 calls for a greater reliance on the public sector in creating genuine full employment - for a more progressive tax system - for increased social control of the corporate structures which increasingly control our lives - for democratic and public, rather than corporate, planning of our national future.

Co-Sponsors included (Partial List): Jack Blackburn; Director, Institute of Industrial Relations, UCLA; Calif. Public Policy Center; California Tax Reform Association; Center for New Corporate Priorities; Rev. Peter Christiansen; Ben Freedman, West Coast Advisory Bd., Actors Equity; Jim Gallagher, Coordinator, Labor Studies, UCLA; Dan Hirsch, Coordinator Campus Committee to Bridge the Gap; Nick Seidita and Jo Seidita; Shirley Wechsler, Nat'l V.P. and So. Calif. Exec. Director, ADA; Hy Weintraub, Pres., Community College Council, Calif. Federation of Teachers, AFT; Burt Wilson, Coordinator, CAUSE.[1]

Media Democracy Legal Project

Advisors to the Media Democracy Legal Project, circa 2006, included:[2]