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What is the Occupy movement?

What is the Occupy movement?, Harvard University, December 15, 2011

Harvard University, Room K354, Knafel Building, CGIS North, Cambridge, MA 02138 United States

A round table discussion

The Occupy protests are driven by discontent with the present state of affairs: glaring economic inequality, dead-end Democratic Party politics, and, for some, the suspicion that capitalism could never produce an equitable society. For many, the protests at Wall Street and elsewhere provide an avenue to raise questions the Left has long fallen silent on.

What would it mean to challenge capitalism on a global scale? How could we begin to overcome social conditions that adversely affect every part of life? And, how could a new international movement address these concerns in practice?

The Platypus Affiliated Society will be hosting a series of round-table discussions with organizers and participants of the Occupy movement in NYC, Chicago and Boston, and will be moving to other North American cities, and to London, Germany, and Greece in the months to come.

Speakers include: