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The Cuba Friendship Society Aotearoa – New Zealand was formed as the New Zealand Cuba Friendship Society, at a 2010 meeting of regional groupings.

The Society will promote friendship, understanding and co-operation between the peoples of Aotearoa/New Zealand and Cuba.

The Society's relationship with Cuba is based on its appreciation of:

  • Cuba’s belief that a better world is possible;
  • Cuba's ongoing resistance to imperialism;
  • Cuba's continuing commitment to equitable social programmes in a situation of imposed economic hardship;
  • Cuba's international generosity, in particular the education and literacy programmes, including in New Zealand, and the extraordinary medical aid and training programmes that have recently been extended to the South Pacific;
  • Cuba's development of sustainable organic agriculture and renewable energy sources;
  • Cuba's development of a culture internationally recognised for its vitality;

The lessons that the above can teach us as a society;

The belief that there will be benefits to both Cuba and New Zealand if there are greater links through visits and exchanges, in all areas of social life - economic, educational, medical, agricultural, environmental, cultural, and through social and political organisations.[1]


We, the delegates of the Cuba Friendship Societies in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Hamilton and the West Coast:

- inspired by the ideas of independence and justice proclaimed by the Cuban revolution, and

- being aware that defending Cuba today is the only way to keep alive the hopes and dreams of social justice that the Cuban model provides.

hereby express our complete support and solidarity with the heroic Cuban people who have weathered many acts of aggression from successive US administrations for over half a century now.

We salute the Cuban people and their Government for their many achievements throughout 51 years of the Revolution. Revolutionary Cuba has displayed selfless solidarity with many peoples in need, and continue to render assistance today --- affording health and education to many peoples in developing countries --- something which is well known all over the world. We salute particularly Cuba’s commitment to the Pacific region.[2]


As of 2013;[3]


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