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The New York Marxist School is the flagship project of the The Brecht Forum.

Over the years, the New York Marxist School used to place their weekly schedule of speakers in the Maoist-oriented U.S. radical weekly The Guardian. KeyWiki will be listings many of these schedules and their speakers. Due to the massive amount of work involved in entering data, it will be very time-consuming to put in both the topic and the names of the speaker(s) so for the moment only the names of the speakers will be entered with the scheduled date of their presentation. Also, most of the listed speakers provide no identification regarding any communist/marxist/socialist party, organization or movement affiliation. KeyWiki will only present the "who" of the speakers. Blue-links may prove the reader with more information about these individuals.

NYMS Calendar list of speakers scheduled date of appearance



NYMS Events: October 30 - November 11, 1986[3]

NYMS Events:December 7-11, 1987[4]

THIRD WORLD NEWSREELS: 20th Anniversary Retrospective

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