New Movement in Solidarity With Puerto Rican Independence

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New Movement in Solidarity With Puerto Rican Independence

A small group of Puerto Rican marxists and their American supporters, they were formed apparently in the 1970's and keep showing up on lists of pro-terrorist "anti-imperialist" groups and coalitions. Their mailing address was: Box 295, 2520 N. Lincoln, Chicago, Ill, 60614. In an undated pamphlet entitled "Victory to People's War in El Salvador! Defeat U.S. Imperialism!", they expressed their support of communist liberation movements in El Salvador, Puerto Rico, Guatemala EGP Guerrilla Army of the Poor, and other such groups.

Their philosophy/purpose was expressed in these following selected sentences:

  • The first principle of our movement must be anti-imperialism.
  • In order to fundamentally change the whole system of military, political and economic domination, our solidarity movement must fight imperialism in its totality. .. By opposing the entire imperialist system, our solidarity movement can support the revolutionary forces and actually help them to win a new world order.
  • The independence struggle of Puerto Rico is a strategic wedge of Latin American revolution that penetrates into the U.S. itself... In response to US imperialism, 5 armed clandestine political-military organizations in Puerto Rico, and the FALN in the US are attacking key US military and corporate targets and leading a growing people's war. Through their struggle for independence these revolutionaries act in concert with the continental anti-imperialist strategy. In January, clandestine independent forces destroyed 9 US jets used to train for possible invasion of El Salvador, valued at $45 million, in solidarity with the revolutionary forces of people's war in El Salvador and in support of the 11 Puerto Rican Prisoners of War. The stance of these 11 patriots as Prisoners of War, and the US charges of seditious conspiracy against them, demonstrate that a state of war for independence exists in Puerto Rico and the US, and that this war has the capacity to cut to the heart of US imperialism.

"In this country, if we want to truly support these revolutionary forces, we must take up the strategy of international solidarity as our own, and build a movement that strikes at US imperialism in unison with revolutionary movements, both outside and within the US, to help build a new world free from all oppression and exploitation."

Victory to People's War in El Salvador! Support the Continental Struggle in Latin America! Independence and Socialism for Puerto Rico! Socialist Reunification of Mexico! Death to US Imperialism!