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National Security Action is a progressive advocacy group launched in February 2018 to counter president Trump's foreign policy and national security agenda.[1]

Ben Rhodes and Jake Sullivan are co-chairs.

Formed to Help Democrats beat President Trump

The Daily Caller[2] explained that National Security Action was formed to "focus efforts" on "several key 2018 midterm races."

"The largely center-left coalition intends to serve as an advisory group for Democratic politicians interested in countering Republican messaging on national security issues. It is expected to soon announce several key 2018 midterm races where it will focus efforts, reports the Washington Post.
"Advisory board member Wendy Sherman, an undersecretary of state for political affairs under Hillary Clinton, says National Security Action will help Democratic candidates appeal to voters by highlighting what she says is a loss of American influence and prestige under Trump.
“There was a need for connective tissue,” Sherman told WaPo. “It’s connecting all the progressive groups and citizens that are very concerned about America’s place in the world, about our leadership in the world and that are very concerned about the institutions that ensure the rule of law in the world and our security and prosperity.”

MSNBC Appearance

Ben Rhodes and Jake Sullivan on MSNBC

Co-chairs Ben Rhodes and Jake Sullivan appeared on MSNBC to promote National Security Action.

"Our Focus"

Some excerpts from the National Security Action's "Our Focus"[3] page:

"Under President Trump’s reckless leadership, the United States is weaker in the world, less safe, and more isolated. He is retreating from the world stage, undercutting the intelligence and law enforcement agencies that keep us safe, undermining the diplomacy that prevents wars, insulting our allies, attacking democratic traditions, and cozying up to dictators while abandoning America’s commitment to universal rights and human dignity. His outbursts on Twitter are destabilizing abroad and beneath the dignity of the highest office in our land. Impulsive, erratic, and staggeringly ignorant of how the world works, Trump is unfit to lead our men and women in uniform, and he diminishes our country’s standing in the eyes of the world.
"President Trump is dismantling the sources of our strength in the world, making the United States less safe and putting Americans at risk. Instead of ending America’s wars, he is miring our military deeper in foreign conflicts with no strategy or plans to wind them down. He is driving out the diplomats and development professionals who keep the peace and advance our prosperity. He attacks the men and women of our law enforcement and intelligence agencies who keep us safe. His anti-Muslim fear-mongering and ban on travelers from Muslim nations plays into terrorist propaganda and serves as a terrorist recruitment tool.
  • We believe that we are stronger and safer when we deploy our men and women in uniform wisely—only as a last resort and with a clear plan for success.
  • We believe that conflicts are less likely when we fully fund our State Department and development agencies.
  • We believe that we should support—not undermine—our law enforcement and intelligence professionals who keep us safe.
  • We believe that climate change is an urgent national security challenge that must be confronted with American leadership.
  • We believe that instead of embracing isolationism, we should forge economic partnerships to open markets, create jobs at home, and promote American innovation and industry.
"By retreating into nationalism, isolationism, unilateralism, and xenophobia, President Trump is surrendering America’s hard-won leadership in the world, isolating us from our allies, emboldening our adversaries, and weakening the United States as a global power. From Europe to Asia, our closest allies question whether they can count on the United States in a time of crisis and as a stabilizing force in a dangerous world. President Trump’s erratic behavior has raised the risk of a catastrophic conflict with North Korea, and his threat to undo the nuclear deal with Iran invites another nuclear crisis or war in the Middle East. By withdrawing from the Paris climate accord, the Trans-Pacific Partnership, and international bodies—often over the objections of his own national security team—he cedes the mantle of global stewardship to competitors like China that do not share our interests or values.
"With every half-truth and outright lie from the White House, the Trump administration relinquishes the credibility that the Commander-in-Chief must be able to call upon during times of crisis. Around the world, confidence in the United States has reached historic lows during Trump’s first year. Studies show that, for the first time, more people now respect China’s leadership than ours. “America First” is America Alone.
"National Security Action believes that the best way to advance our security and prosperity is through strong, principled U.S. leadership in the world.
"No ally or adversary should ever doubt America’s resolve or the words of our president.
"We are safer when we stand united with allies and partners who are the frontline of our own defense.
"We enhance our security and strengthen our economy when we have a seat at the table and rally the world to address global challenges together, from the spread of nuclear weapons to trade to climate change. Not long ago, the United States was the leader of the free world. We must be so again.
"With his attacks on our democratic institutions, President Trump has betrayed our founding ideals—upheld by Republican and Democratic presidents before him—among them our Constitutional freedoms, the rule of law, and support for universal values. At home, he endangers a free press by targeting journalists, threatens the rule of law by attacking judges and the FBI, and tries to evade accountability by interfering in investigations. Betraying our heritage as a nation that welcomes people from all over the world, he has slammed America’s doors to striving immigrants and desperate refugees and threatened hundreds of thousands of families and young people with deportation. Around the world, his eager embrace of autocrats and his deafening silence on human rights give repressive regimes a green light to deny freedom, stifle dissent, and persecute the innocent.
"National Security Action works to ensure that America endures as a beacon of opportunity, dignity, and hope to people around the world.
"Fidelity to our founding ideals—upholding freedom of religion, speech, and the press—is what makes us exceptional and is what gives hope to citizens around the world who seek their own dignity.
"We reject the false choice between welcoming immigrants and refugees and ensuring our security. We can and must do both.
"Enabling or excusing oppression abroad today only fuels the injustices and instability that endanger us all tomorrow. Americans deserve a president who makes us proud, represents the best of our nation around the world, and inspires others to stand with us.
"By hiding his tax returns and making money off his businesses while negotiating with foreign governments that enrich him, President Trump and his family appear to be profiting off the presidency and putting their own financial interests ahead of America’s national security.
"Instead of confronting Vladimir Putin over his brazen and ongoing attack on our democracy, Trump bows to the whims of Moscow while undermining legitimate investigations into his own hidden financial interests. Instead of standing up to China, the Trump family businesses received special deals after Trump met with the Chinese president. In the Middle East, Trump and his family have advanced Saudi interests instead of our national interest.
"National Security Action works to expose Trump’s flagrant conflicts of interest and shameless nepotism that sacrifice our security to the highest bidder.
"Americans deserve leaders who are honest, trustworthy, and who abide by the rule of law. Nobody—not even the president—is above the law, and those who violate the Constitution or commit crimes must be held accountable.
"We also work with Congress to do what President Trump and his party won’t: confront Russia for its continuing assault on our democracy and build our defenses to protect our nation against violations of our sovereignty.





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