National Negro Labor Council

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Template:TOCnestleft National Negro Labor Council, (1950-56) was a Communist Party USA front for black workers and labor officials. It was a direct inspiration for the Coalition of Black Trade Unionists.[1]


In 1950 Quill Pettway, along with Dave Moore, Coleman Young, notable Detroit activists Lebron Simmons and Rev. Charles Hill was a proud founding member of the National Negro Labor Council. The NNLC had the goal of working through unions to advance the cause of all Black people and all workers.

Though McCarthyism and HUAC (House Un-American Activities Committee) hearings targeted NNLC leaders and caused the demise of the organization, it won important victories against discrimination both inside and outside the labor movement and is considered the forerunner of today's Coalition of Black Trade Unionists.[2]

Key leaders

Key leaders of the National Negro Labor Council, included Coleman Young (national executive secretary), Charles Hayes (Chicago leader), Cleveland Robinson, and George Crockett, and Erma Henderson, from Detroit.[3] Vicki Garvin served as well.