National Committee for a Citizens' Commission of Inquiry

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Template:TOCnestleft The National Committee for a Citizens' Commission of Inquiry on U.S. War Crimes in Vietnam was among one of the most anti-American, pro-Communist/Hanoi organizations created by the "Hanoi Lobby" during the Vietnam war was a small group known as the "National Committee for a Citizens' Commission of Inquiry on U.S. War crimes in Vietnam, also known for short as the "Citizens' Commission of Inquiry" CCI). It was one of several such propaganda organizations created by Communists, Marxists, leftist radicals and dupes around the world to indict the U.S. military for so-called "war crimes" in Southeast Asia, especial in South Vietnam.

The CCI leadership, staff and sponsors was an All-Star listing of the top people in the pro-Hanoi Lobby but it was created mainly to focus on former military personnel on the Left who served in Vietnam and to claim to be a voice for those who claimed that they saw, participated or knew about U.S. war crimes during the war. It was part of the larger "war crimes" tribunal propaganda efforts including the Vietnam Veterans Against the War in Vietnam ((VVAW) and their "[[Winter Soldier Investigations|Winter Soldier Hearings" of late 1970/early 1971, Jane Fonda's Hollywood-based organizations, as well as her "Fuck The Army (FTA) travelling propaganda shows held at coffeehouses near U.S. military bases in the U.S. and Japan, and of the Communist Party USA (CPUSA) dominated "united front" protest groups known by a series of names as the "Mobilization Committee to End the War in Vietnam" Mobes (MOBES) (from 1966 thru 1971).

From an undated CCI letterhead of around late 1971, from a partially obtained letter, we find the following text as well as the names of their Staff, Sponsors, and National Coordinating Committee.


SPONSORS: (professional titles added here by KW)


TEXT OF LETTER, PAGE 1 only: "Over the past year, CONTINUE""""