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Nathaniel Lewis is a Chicago Illinois activist.

Shutting down Trump

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has cancelled a campaign rally in Chicago after the event turned into a chaotic scene with clashes between thousands of supporters and protesters, March 11, 2016.

CNN estimated there were between 8,500 to 10,000 people in the Chicago arena when tensions erupted into chaos.

Chicago activists had spent the week leading up to the rally planning how to disrupt it.

One group, Showing Up for Racial Justice, coordinated with minority student groups on local campuses, using group email chains and messaging so that protesters could stay in constant communication.

One of the organizers, Nathaniel Lewis, 25, a master's degree student in public health at the University of Illinois at Chicago, said he was shocked they succeeded in shutting the rally down.

"I'm happy, I'm at peace, because we came together as a collective," Mr Lewis said.

"This is the last thing we expected to happen. It shows the power of unity."

A Trump campaign staffer took the stage about half an hour after the rally was slated to begin and said it would be postponed for safety reasons.[1]