Natasha Acevedo

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Natasha Acevedo

Natasha Acevedo is an El Paso Texas activist.

DSA Democrat

Natasha Acevedo (El Paso Texas}, , was a Democratic Socialists of America, Bernie Sanders delegate to the 2016 Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.

"As a delegate for Bernie Sanders, I stand by his platform 100%. We need his policies, we need his voice, and we need a change in our oligarchy. It is time for democracy to be brought back to us, it is time for the people to be represented by their government, and it is time we rise up to the occasion."[1]

Closed Facebook group

Democratic Socialists of America - El Chuco del Norte, Closed Facebook group members, as of May 3, 2017 included Natasha Acevedo.[2]Democratic Socialists of America - El Chuco del Norte , organised an August 13 Charleston 2017 support vigil in El Paso.

Ashley Rodriguez, Chris Abilez, Juanita Rodriguez, Gabi Sanders, Daniel Baca, and Sebastian,your presence was powerful.

Natasha Acevedo, Sylvia, and Rebekah Patnode--the National Nurses Organization union conveyed a compassionate message, and continue to nurture our collective movement.

The Save Durangito folks, Jose Quintero and the accompanying strong womyn delivered a message of authentic resistance and tangible action.

Father Morton as always, delivered a message of love and empowerment.

Clavo, Rosemary, and the Brown Berets were on point and encouraging.

Turkish Raindrop House's Sabri Agachan, delivered a statement of unity and love which resonated effectively. The always dependable Joe Merlyn Heyman family, in conjunction with the Border Network for Human Rights, demonstrated how to resist oppressive legislative developments.

And Cemeli De Aztlan, her prayers, song, and spirituality, continues to hone our diverse narrative. Essential folks to our collective resistance---mil gracias de todo corazon![3]


Xavier Miranda Democratic Socialists of America - El Chuco del Norte April 23, 2016 ·


Solid folks making a difference in our community---DSA OF Chuco! — with Raul Francisco Amaya, Jesse Soria, Ashley Rodriguez, Natasha Acevedo, Elena Alejandra and Alberto Aguirre Aguilar.

Early comrades

Ashley RodriguezDemocratic Socialists of America - El Chuco del Norte April 10, 2016:


With Jesse Soria, Madison Garcia, Rodolfo Apolinar Parra, Nicholas Vasquez, Eric Stoltz, Chris Abilez, Israel Williams, Franky Doodle, Alexander Burnside, Natasha Acevedo and Thomas Rowland.

DSA Women's Caucus Facebook group

Members of the DSA Women's Caucus closed Facebook group, as of August 25, 2017 included Natasha Acevedo .[4]