Naomi Schapiro

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Naomi Schapiro

Students for a Democratic Society

While studying at Harvard in the late 1960s Miles Rapoport was active in the radical Students for a Democratic Society (SDS). Harvard SDS campaigned against U.S. miltary involvement in Vietnam and the presence of the Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) on campus.

In an April 7 1969 letter to the Harvard Crimson, opposing Harvard president Pusey's support for the ROTC, Miles Rapoport and fellow SDSers Naomi Schapiro, Carlin Meyer and Rick Brown wrote[1];

To conclude: President Pusey and the Corporation want ROTC to stay because they support the U.S. military and the policies it carries out; we feel that ROTC must go because we oppose the policies of the United States and we oppose the military that perpetrates them. The lines are clearly drawn; the time to take sides is now.