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Nabeela Mowlana

Labour left

September 2022 Labour grassroots candidates won four seats on the party’s national executive committee (NEC).

Gemma Bolton, Jess Barnard, Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi and Yasmine Dar were all elected to serve on the party’s ruling body while left candidate Mish Rahman lost his seat.

The right-wing Labour to Win group won four seats with “soft left” candidate Ann Black winning the other seat.

Yasmin Dar said she was “honoured once again to be elected on to the NEC. Together we will continue to fight for a socialist, Labour government.”

Outgoing Young Labour chair Jess Barnard said: “Members are the beating heart of our party and we demand policies to transform people’s lives. Let’s fight for it.”

As Ms Barnard left [Young Labour]] the elections to its committee were a stinging rebuke to Sir Keir.

The committee, now chaired by Labour councillorNabeela Mowlana, returned 12 out of 16 Momentum-backed candidates.

Newly elected Young Labour chair Nabeela Mowlana said: “From sky-high debts to rising rents, insecure work to the climate crisis, young people are on the sharp edge of today’s broken economy. We urgently need to offer a transformative programme for change that rises to meet the challenges young people face.

“Under my leadership, Young Labour will continue to be a loud voice and campaigning force in Labour and beyond – fighting for a socialist alternative to this failed Tory government. The future will be socialist.”[1]

"For a Socialist Future"

Young Labour National Committee elections.

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Speakers Owen Jones, Zarah Sultana, Apsana Begum, Lauren Townsend, Jess Barnard, Lamar Campbell, Shannon Jezzard, Nabeela Mowlana, Patricia Johnson.

Young Labour

In August 2020, in the first student representative elections since the abolition of Labour Students, Fraser Amos, Nabeela Mowlana and Micaela Tracey-Ramos outline their socialist vision for Labour student organising "Our Plan for a Democratic, Liberated and Socialist Student Wing."