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Murray Horton

Murray Horton is the full time organizer for the Campaign Against Foreign Control of Aotearoa's Anti-Bases Campaign in New Zealand.[1] Horton was brought in Christchurch, and attended Shirley Boys High.

Horton was the partner of Christine Bird from approximately 1970-88, and has been married to Becky Roque, a Filipina, since 1992.


Horton was a leading light in the Christchurch Progressive Youth Movement, a Maoist/anarchist organization, closely associated with the Communist Party of New Zealand.

1969 Easter, Horton was one of the founders of Christchurch Progressive Youth Movement.

1970 Jan. 18, a student, Horton appeared in an Auckland court on charges arising from a Progressive Youth Movement/Communist Party of New Zealand/Committee on Vietnam organized demonstrations during the Auckland visit of U.S. vice-president Spiro Agnew on 15 January. Charged with disorderly behavior (pleaded guilty), convicted and fined $75, put under supervision of probation officer for 3 months while he paid thr fine. He was represented by Mr Frank Haigh.

1970 March, spokesman for Christchurch Progressive Youth Movement. On 11 March announced that the branch would send 20 people to Wellington to protest the Vietnam War, and the All Black tour of South Africa, the present system within Parliament, and the rising cost of living. "When someone observed that the issues covered quite a wide range, he replied "Well, we've got to have something to protest about."[2]

October 1974, Paul Corliss, Murray Horton, Richard Pope, and Bob Rackham were arrested outside the Ramada Inn, Christchurch. [3]

1989, Labour Weekend, co-ordinator & organiser of Chch PYM 20th anniversary reunion. Said that one former member taking part is now a GST inspector. Trevor Richards was invited but couldn't make it. "One of the aims of the weekend is to find out what former PYM members - now middle-aged radicals - can offer today's young people. . . When the PYM started out in Christchurch in 1969, New Zealand was a different country to what it is today. . . Through our battles and our protests we played a part in making NZ nuclear free, in ensuring that Vietnam was NZ's last unjustified war and that opposition to apartheid in South Africa is the status quo." [4]

Resistance Bookshop

In the early 1970s Horton was involved with Resistance Bookshop in Ferry Rd.

Anti Vietnam War activism

1970 April 25, Horton disrupted ANZAC Day memorial service in Cathedral Square. Placed a placard showing dead Vietnamese lying on a roadway with the words: "To the victims of Fascism in Vietnam". Keith Duffield, and other PYMers also present.

1971, signed a petition addressed to the Wellington Committee on Vietnam requesting that after the National Liaison Committee was dissolved a new commitee should be elected to "continue the work of the NLC in building the July 30 Mobilisation."

1972, listed as sponsoring July 14 Mobilization against the war, representing the PYM.


In 1972, Horton was a Canta staffer

1974, editor of Canta.

1974 July, published article in Canta "The Secret History of World War II" about Communist Party of New Zealand activism during the War.

1978, wrote bio on Peter Lusk for Canta.

China delegation

July 1973, one of 25 NZUSA delegates to China, 2 page article Canta 24.


1975, helped found CAFCINZ.

1975, on the committee organizing CAFCINZ Resistance Ride around the South Island.

1980 July? spoke at Lyttelton picket organized by SI branch of Seaman's Union and CAFCINZ.

1981-87, Secretary of CAFCINZ and spokesman.


1988, Spokesman foe ABC & CDH & CAFCA.

1988 Sec of CAFCA.ref>[PT 11]</ref>

1990 May 10, one of speakers at meeting to organise action group against sale of Telecom, held at Christchurch TUC rooms (old Winter Gardens). Speaking for CAFCA, with Bill Rosenberg.

1990, Secretary of CAFCA.

December 1991, became paid contractor to CAFCA/ABC on $300 per week, working from home.

1992, Secretary of CAFCA.

The 2000 CAFCA Annual General Meeting was held at the Christchurch WEA on September 18. Election of officers. Murray Horton was re-elected as secretary

In 2009, The full CAFCA committee was Murray Horton, Bill Rosenberg, Jeremy Agar, John Ring, Colleen Hughes, Quentin Findlay, Lynda Boyd and Warren Brewer. [5]

Anti Bases activism

Circa 1972, contact for the Weedons-Harewood Committee and member of the PYM. Contacted at phone 72-379. Address possibly 87 Caledonian Road.

1973 September, wrote an article in Maoist journal The Paper (p6) on March 23-25 demos against Harewood & Weedons.

1982 helped found Campaign for the De-Militarisation of Harewood.

1982 March 20, addressed meeting chaired by Alex Grooby in Blenheim after mass leaflet drop, Sunday morning attended demo at Black Birch.

1986 July-Aug, traveling in Australia "meeting peace activists in every state and territory except Western Australia and Tasmania." Spoke on behalf of NZ representing CAFCA and CDH at Australia Beyond the Bases Forum.

1987 February 23, spoke at public meeting organized by Nuclear Free Kiwis, NZNFZC, CAFCA, END and CDH. Subject of meeting: "CIA moves against NZ Government".

1987 October 13-20, represented CDH & CAFCA at Pine Gap activities in Australia, on way back from Philippines. Also attending were Nerissa Te Patu & Marie Laufiso of Te Whanau A Matariki (Dunedin), taking part in Pacific indigenous peoples session of the forum, & Jone Dakuvula of Wellington representing Coalition for the Restoration of Democracy in Fiji. Horton met with Australian Anti-Bases Campaign Coalition delegates to review previous year's activities and make plans for 1988.

1987 one of organisers of Anti-Bases Coalition.

1988 February, one of ABC organisers of Waihopai protest.

1988 June, attended demo at North West Cape in Western Australia along with Owen Wilkes.

1988 October 17, Press reported he a spokesman for ABC. Asked to pay a $300 bond to Christchurch Airport authority in return for ABC setting up a camp outside the Deep Freeze Base to protest a Starlifter on its way to Australia. The bond was to insure against any damage, & the authority wanted a written assurance that the protest was peaceful & legal.

1988 Sunday Oct 23, held an ABC protest outside Harewood. 3 protesters pleaded quilty of trespass, and fined $100.


1977 June 24, spoke at Coalition for Peoples Rights meeting, reported in July Assistance "Horton placed the blame for society's evils fairly and squarely on the capitalist system and stated that the only alternative was to place the means of production in the people's hands".

WCL connection

Ron Smith, of the Workers Communist league, told TRL that he had a lot of contact with Murray Horton in the 1980s.

Monthly Review

1987-88 contributing writer to New Zealand Monthly Review.

Philippines connection

1987 Arrived in Philippines on the day Bayan leader Lean Alejandro was murdered. Stayed that day at National Council of Churches of Philippines hostel in Quezon. Met Jimmy Tadeo there. [Kapitiran No 1]</ref>

1987 Sept./Oct., visited Philippines on 3 week exposure tour, incl both major U.S. bases, at behest of Philippines Solidarity Network of Aotearoa.

1987, Nov. 4, giving tutorial on The Pacific-Investigating "The Philippines - a recent visit" for the Christchurch WEA. Secretary of CAFCA.

1989 on list of "Peace Brigade" participants to Philipines, address, 21 Kipling Street, Christchurch.

1991, (around May Day) One of 3 New Zealand unionists (Paul Watson, Cindy Doull, Murray Horton) who traveled to Philipines for KMU sponsored Int'l Solidarity affairs. [6]

1991 - got married in Quezon, invited Jimmy Tadeo who was "unavoidably detained" Kapitiran No 1

1991 - Living in Manila. Visited Jimmy Tadeo in Muntinlupa prison accompanied by KMP office staff.[7]

1991 - In Manila, researcher for Asia/Pacific Forum on Peace and Development.[8]

1993 - leader Philippine Solidarity Network Aotearoa.

1999 contact for KMU's Crispin Beltran tour of NZ.

2003 Contacts Dapulang tour, KMU trade Unionist.

Contact for Philippines communist tour

Luis Jalandoni is the International Representative of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines, a coalition of several underground groups, led by the Communist Party of the Philippines and its terrorist New People’s Army.

On a 2010 tour of New Zealand Luis Jalandoni was accompanied by his wife Coni Ledesma, International Spokesperson of MAKIBAKA, a revolutionary women’s group which belongs to the NDF.

Luis and Coni are both veteran leading figures in the Philippine revolutionary Left.
When Ferdinand Marcos declared martial law in 1972, both went underground. They were both arrested and spent time as political prisoners.

Contact for their October 26 – Christchurch Public Meeting, was Murray Horton.[9]

Contact for Philippines anti Bases activist tour

Cora Fabros, from the Philippines, is a veteran activist with the anti-bases, anti-nuclear and peace movement. She is the Asia/Pacific Coordinator of the International Network for the Abolition of Foreign Military Bases.

NZ hosts a US military transport base (at Christchurch Airport); and two “New Zealand” spybases, at Tangimoana and Waihopai. NZ’s role as a small, but vital, US satellite must be exposed, and the covert links ended. Cora’s tour provides the regional context for how we aid and abet the US military and intelligence empire.

Cheques were to be made payable to the Anti-Bases Campaign.

Contact for Cora Fabros' July 9, 2008 Christchurch Public Meeting was Murray Horton.[10]

Praising Pilger

1990 April, wrote article in Peacelink reviewing book "A Secret Country" on Cambodia, by Australian John Pilger.

22nd March 1990, wrote a PSA Journal review of John Pilger's "A Secret Country" said "the Australian media is currently less free than that of the Soviet Union"

"Defeat the Compact"

April 2, 1990, signatory to People's Voice appeal for "united front" to defeat the "Compact", National Union of Railwaymen Canterbury branch executive member.

Campaign for Peoples Sovereignty

1993, contact for Campaign for Peoples Sovereignty. [11]

AYN/People's Network

20.6.93 Addressed Aotearoa Youth Network forum in Dunedin on Foreign ownership.[12]

August? 1993 addressed, last day of 3day AYN/SEAN networking session held at Banks Peninsula, shortly after announcement of cancellation of Ngakawau dam. Spoke on Foreign Control.[13]

May 98 Contributor to Peoples Network's Common Ground.

Anti Free Trade

July 1996 - speaker at Trading With our Lives anti APEC forum in Christchurch, CAFCA.

1996 - member GATT Watchdog. [14]

SWO petition

2000 one of leftists and unionists signing an Socialist Workers Organisation petition, Freedom to Strike.


2001 - Initial Sponsors of ARENA, Dr Jane Kelsey, Professor of Law, Auckland University; Moana Jackson, Ngati Kahungunu, Ngati Porou; Maxine Gay, President, NZ Trade Union Federation; Cherryl Waerea-i te-rangi Smith, Ngati Apa, Ngati Kahungunu, Te Aitanga A Hauiti; Robert Reid, Campaign Coordinator, Jubilee 2000 Aotearoa; Radha D’Souza, APEC Monitoring Group; Aziz Choudry, Coordinator, GATT Watchdog; Annette Sykes, Ngati Pikiao; Bill Rosenberg, CAFCA; Leigh Cookson, GATT Watchdog; David Small, Senior Lecturer in Education, University of Canterbury; Gillian Southey; Joe Davies, Coordinator, East Timor Independence Centre Otautahi; Murray Horton, CAFCA; Trish Murray; GATT Watchdog; Aotearoa/New Zealand APEC Monitoring Group; NZ Trade Union Federation; PSNA; Christian World Service; CAFCA.

Alliance Party

Horton spoke at the Alliance Party of New Zealand conference on October 18, 2009.[15]

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