Morgan Desjardins

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Morgan Desjardins

Katie Hill volunteers

Katie Hill for Congress August 8, 2018:


We went bowling last night for some good team bonding. Firstly, I’d like to note my team won. Secondly, I’d like to shout out the young woman who took this picture — Who turned out to be an intern for Representative Steve Knight! 😂 — with Andrea Rosenthal, Kristina Farah Bigdeli, Zack Czajkowski, Jillian Klascius, Becca Kahn, Andre Barrios, Hannah Nayowith, Graham Kelly, Ben Steinberger, Kassie King, Morgan Desjardins, Kenny Heslep and Kelsey O.

Flipped the 25th

Ryan Skolnick November 11, 2018:

Looking determined after flipping the 25th blue, NBD. #TeamKatie — with Morgan Desjardins, Michelle Casiano Kampbell, Mai Nguyen Do, Ryan Valencia, Zack Czajkowski, Nathan Bousfield, Andrew Munson, Lucas Holtz and Katie Hill for Congress.