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Monica Vernon is running for Iowa’s 1st Congressional District seat to challenge incumbent Republican Representative Rod Blum..

Iowa AFL-CIO 2016 Endorsement

Monica Vernon was endorsed by the Iowa affiliate of AFL-CIO: AFL-CIO - Iowa for the 2016 election. [1]

Endorsed by Human Rights Campaign

Monica Vernon was endorsed by the Human Rights Campaign.[2]



In 2016 Monica Vernon was supported by Council for a Livable World.

First elected in 2007, Monica Vernon is currently serving her eighth year on the Cedar Rapids City Council. She is serving her sixth year as Mayor Pro Tempore. A small business owner by trade, Monica is the founder and former president of Vernon Research Group, a 26 year-old market research firm. In 2008, thousands of Cedar Rapids families were displaced after a massive flood that has been called Iowa’s worst natural disaster. Monica is widely lauded for her work to rebuild the city and her leadership in bringing it back stronger and more sustainable than ever.
Vernon is a strong backer of the Iran nuclear deal: “I am in favor of it, I think our number one thing—and my priority in this case—would be to keep American lives safe, protect our ally Israel and keep [Iran] from having…nuclear warheads.”
Vernon supports new nuclear weapons reductions negotiations with Russia, as well as “the US leading a multilateral approach to reduce nuclear weapons throughout the world.”