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Monica Moorehead

Monica Moorehead is a leader of the Workers World Party.

San Diego WWP Forum


The meeting room of the Brown Building in San ­Diego’s Azalea Park neighborhood was filled to capacity. The featured speaker at the Feb. 18 2018 Workers World Party forum was longtime leader Monica Moorehead, Secretariat member of the party and its presidential candidate in 2016.

Preceding Moorehead at the podium were Deforest R. Hancock, representing the Ordinary People Power organization and, as a formerly homeless person herself, speaking on the homeless crisis in San Diego and nationally; Dominic De Los Reyes, representing Anakbayan-San Diego and offering a detailed analysis of the struggle in the Philippines; Bree Davis, a key organizer of the 2017 San Diego Women’s March, speaking on the personal identity struggle she faced as one of thousands of Korean babies adopted by U.S. couples; and John Parker, Workers World Party leader and candidate for the U.S. Senate on the Peace and Freedom Party ticket, speaking on the revolutionary use of bourgeois election campaigns.

Moorehead’s presentation was a comprehensive and riveting overview of the history of Black struggle in the U.S., followed by a discussion with participation by audience members of some of the issues raised in the speeches. The meeting ended with everyone forming a circle, holding hands and reciting the Assata Shakur chant that begins, “It is our duty to fight for our freedom.”

The meeting was organized and chaired by San ­Diego WWP branch leader and longtime activist Gloria Verdieu.[1]

2002 WWP Emergency National Conference

Even as the Bush administration was maneuvering feverishly to round up support for its planned war on Iraq, Workers World Party was holding an Emergency National Conference Sept. 21-22 in New York.

The agenda focused both on Bush's "endless war on terror," especially the impending U.S. invasion of Iraq, and the growing capitalist economic crisis.

Monica Moorehead discussed the impact of U.S. intervention in Africa, and Johnnie Stevens of New York reported on the importance of the struggle for land in Zimbabwe and the need to support Robert Mugabe's initiative. Preston Wood spoke on the Palestinian struggle on Saturday; the next day Richard Becker of San Francisco presented an update on the urgent situation caused by Israel's most recent aggression against Palestinian President Arafat's compound in Ramallah.[2]

North Korea

In 2003, Monica Moorehead spent a week in the People's Democratic Republic of Korea.

"Katrina: A Challenge for the Movement"

On Oct. 22 2005 in New York, the Workers World newspaper staff hosted an important forum called "Katrina: A Challenge for the Movement: Forging a united front between the Black liberation, workers' and anti-imperialist struggles." The forum attracted an overflowing multinational crowd of progressives and activists from New York, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., Boston and other areas.

The panel featured prominent African-American representatives based in New York, Raleigh and New Orleans. These leaders talked about the issues of the day from anti-racist, pro-labor, pro-community and anti-war perspectives.

Panelists were;

Workers World Party

In 2006 Monica Moorehead served on the Secretariat of the Workers World Party[4].

2010 WWP National Conference

poster for the conference

The 2010 National Workers World Party Conference was held on Saturday and Sunday, Nov. 13 - 14, 2010, and had the tagline, "2010 National Workers World Party Conference".[5]

Second Plenary: First Panel-- The Capitalist Crisis and Role of the Working Class
Chair: Andre Powell; Speakers: Sharon Black, Phebe Eckfeldt, Martha Grevatt, Monica Moorehead, John Parker, Betsey Piette and Dante Strobino

Condolences to Cuba


Greg Butterfield December 4, 2016 ·

Workers World Party delegation at the Cuban Mission in New York to sign condolence book for Comandante Fidel Castro, Dec. 2.

Photo: Cuba Mission — with Larry Holmes, Marsha Goldberg, Teresa Gutierrez, Monica Moorehead, Taryn Fivek and Bill Dores at Cuban Mission.