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Mimi Soltysik

Template:TOCnestleft Mimi Soltysik is a Los Angeles Socialist Party USA activist. He is married to Lynn Lomibao.


Soltysik grew up in the depressed Rust Belt town of Reading, Pennsylvania, the son of blue-collar parents, who he says had him very young. His father was a welder at Dana Steel, and Soltysik remembers him coming home temporarily blind, his skin reddened from exposure to welder arcs. "I remember the shade he was. Kind of burgundy," Soltysik says.

"Such an American story," he adds. "They shut the plant. So many of these folks lost their jobs. My dad was one of them."

Between the ages of 17 and 32, Soltysik played guitar in a stoner metal band called Pill Shovel. The group attained enough local success in the late 90s to prompt its members to attempt a fateful move to Los Angeles in 2000. For money, he picked up whatever work he could find. "I think I set a world record, along with some of my friends, for getting fired from jobs," he laughs.

But like so many aging rockers, his body eventually rebelled, a development that became the catalyst for his political career. He needed a biopsy on his liver at age 26. "I think it scared me for a minute, but then I went right back, and kept on. I think it took me until I was about 32. At 32, I went to the doctor at UCLA, and he said, 'If you were a cat, you'd be on the ninth life.' And it was right about then I was like, Wow. I have a choice here to make. And it's tough, but I decided to go and try to get my shit together." He enrolled in college at 33, getting his degree in political science from Troy University in Alabama, and earned a Masters of Public Administration from California State University at Northridge in 2015.[1]


At 41, Soltysik's socialist point-of-view feels youthful. Instead of a pipe-smoking bookworm drolly reciting Marcuse, he seems like someone permanently lodged in the Che Guevara–poster phase of the socialist life cycle. But beneath the surface, he's a guy who's cracked his books, and he knows his ideology front-to-back, although he admits his political education hasn't been easy. "I found myself frequently referring to a dictionary as I'm reading this stuff and re-reading lines over and over," he concedes.

Eventually, he found a leftist kindred spirit in the writings attributed to Subcomandante Marcos, the mysterious figurehead of Mexico's Zapatista movement. "I also found a lot of poetry in Huey Newton and bell hooks and Fred Hampton. From where I was coming from, it really resonated with me," he says. "Since then," he adds, "I've gone back to Marx. But it was definitely a process.[2]

"The Left and the 2016 Elections"

"The Left and the 2016 Elections" was sponsored by the LA branch of Solidarity: A Socialist-Feminist, Anti-racist Network

Co-sponsored by the LA branches of: Democratic Socialists of America, Socialist Party USA, Socialist Alternative.

It was held at the Peace Center, 3916 Sepulveda Blvd., Culver City, CA, Sunday 31 January 2016, and was organized by : Gabe Gabrielsky.

Panelists were Charles Fredricks from the LA chapter Democratic Socialists of America , Michael Brown from the LA Branch of the International Socialist Organization, Hannah Zuckerman from the LA Branch of Socialist Alternative, Mimi Soltysik, Socialist Party USA candidate for President of the United States and Gabe Gabrielsky from the LA Branch of Solidarity: A Socialist-Feminist, Anti-racist Network, and moderated by independent activist Sarah Mason.[3]

Those indicating attendance on Wherevent included Hannah Zucherman, Gabe Gabrielsky, Janet Ann Young, Michael Bray, Robert Pond, Michael Pugliese, Dani Radek, Michael Brown, Liz Avendano, Sarah Mason, Matt Owen, Randy Childs, Henry DeGroot, Keyanna Celina, Arturo Sernas, Hanna Renee, Yvet Jacqueline Perez Enciso, Fernando Ramirez, James Robertson, Stephen Kemp, Martabel Wasserman, Mimi Soltysik.[4]

Socialist Party USA - Members Only Closed FB Group


Socialist Party USA - Members Only Closed Faceook Group, accessed October 19, 2017.[5]


DSA Facebook group

Members of the California Democratic Socialists of America, statewide Facebook group, as of March 16, 2017 included Mimi Soltysik.[6]



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