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Milwaukee Coalition Against Trump Meeting

Milwaukee Coalition Against Trump On November 20 2016, "roughly 300 people packed All People’s Church on Milwaukee’s north side to attend the first public meeting of the Milwaukee Coalition Against Trump (MCAT). The Coalition seeks to 'build a broad and organized resistance led by a coalition of grassroots organizations to Stop Trump and his hateful agenda.'"[1]

Mission Statement

From Facebook:

"Our mission is to build a broad and organized resistance led by a coalition of grassroots organizations to stop Trump and his hateful agenda.
We will organize to prevent attacks on women, immigrants, African Americans, Arabs, Muslims, Native Americans, LGBTQ people, poor and working people, refugees, people with disabilities, all other oppressed people, and our planet.
We are actively working to bring about an end to the rule of Wall Street and white supremacy. We want a society based on the principles of freedom and self-determination, where basic human needs like education, healthcare, employment, food, and shelter are met for all people. We want a society where all people can participate in democracy and live in safety, peace and equality."[2]

Coalition Members

The Coalition "was founded by five organizations that have been leading the resistance to Trump in Milwaukee since his election:" the Young People's Resistance Committee (formerly Youth Empowered in the Struggle), Students for a Democratic Society, Freedom Road Socialist Organization, Students for Justice in Palestine, and the United Workers Organization.

"Young People's Resistance Committee is an affiliate to the national immigrant rights network Legalization for All. YPRC is a founding organization of the Milwaukee Coalition Against Trump (MCAT). Formerly known as “Youth Empowered in the Struggle”.[3]

Shutting Down John Guandolo

Milwaukee Coalition Against Trump was cited at FightBack! News[4] as one of the groups who successfully intimidated venues to cancel events called "Threat of Islam to America".

"Earlier this week, anti-fascist groups from the Fox Valley and Green Bay led a phone blast campaign to the hotel where one of Guandolo's events was scheduled to take place. The announcement of confrontational protest in addition to phone calls pressured the venue to cancel the event, which was called, "Threat of Islam to America."


"Building on the Green Bay victory, activists in the Milwaukee area organized a call-in to a hotel in the Milwaukee suburb of Pewaukee. Area Islamic groups and individuals called the hotel, which is a popular wedding venue for Muslim families. Organizations such as the Milwaukee Coalition Against Trump, SDS, and Wisconsin Antifa networks spread the word online.
"In under 24 hours the Pewaukee venue announced that the event was no longer taking place. Worldview Weekend once again tweeted their response, saying "We have over $15,000 into conferences not counting mailing."
"In La Crosse, Wisconsin activists from the Interfaith Shoulder to Shoulder Network, and Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ) were busy planning a mass rally and call-in for the last of three planned stops in Wisconsin. The venue, Onalaska Omni-Center, refused to cancel the event, citing the First Amendment. But activists in La Crosse and throughout the state continued to prepare for a demonstration.

MCAT leaders

Milwaukee Coalition Against Trump leaders;