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Spying on the Maoists

In January 1963, Communist Party USA functionary Henry Winston met with leaders of the East German Socialist Unity Party, the ruling Communist Party of East Germany. Winston provided the East Germans with a list of members of the Progressive Labor Party, the Maoist Communist organization in the United States. Among those he listed were Victor Rabinowitz, New York, Lawyer, and Joni Rabinowitz, student, daughter of Victor Rabinowitz. According to the list in the East German archives it was prepared by Comrade Mille Stand[1].


In the early 1990s Mille Stand left the Communist Party USA and he and his son, Kurt Stand, joined the Committees of Correspondence.

Greetings to Committees of Correspondence conference

Holly Stand and Mille Stand sent greetings to the Second Committees of Correspondence National Conference, held July 12-14 1996, in New York.[2]



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