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Mike Shane is a Detroit Michigan activist.

Committee to Defend Diane Bukowski and Freedom of the Press

In 2009 Mike Shane was listed as a supporter of the Committee to Defend Diane Bukowski and Freedom of the Press[1]

Workers World comrades

Bryan Pfeifer July 8, 2016:


With Andrea Banuelos, Teresa Gutierrez, David Sole, Babette Grunow, Adjoa Nkrumah, Scott Michael, Mike Shane, Gerry Scoppettuolo and Andy Koch.

Viewing Cuba through a Detroit lens

"Viewing Cuba through a Detroit lens" by Mike Shane posted in Workers World on November 19, 2017;

When the “In the Footsteps of Che International Brigade” traveled in Cuba Oct. 1-15, several Workers World Party delegates from Detroit participated, including this writer. Among the many activities, including participation in the ceremony commemorating Commandante Che in Santa Clara on Oct. 8, where the revolutionary internationalist is buried, the brigade had the opportunity to meet with Cubans in several cities and villages.