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Mike Meiselman

Mike Meiselman is associated with Freedom Road Socialist Organization. Lives in Springfield, Illinois. In a relationship with Suzanne Klug.


Studied at University of South Florida.

Mickey Jarvis connection

Mike Meiselman knew Mickey Jarvis well;

I was a staff person with the Southern Student Organizing Committee, living in Miami, Florida. In 1967 there was an SDS convention in Austin, Texas. For us in SSOC the big thing happening there was that the Progressive Labor Party was going to try and bust up the fraternal relationship between SSOC and SDS by calling us out for accepting grant money and for just not being sufficiently Marxist enough. How PL could call us that is beyond me. Just because we had to grab a Marxist Professor from the University of Florida to go over our defense of our organization using the proper jargon certainly isn't an indication of our unfamiliarity with Marxist language. Anyway, I was the most naïve of all. I wore my big leather peace symbol every day to the convention. Most people there looked at me with either amusement or hostility. Even some of my SSOC comrades tried to hide me out of embarrassment.
There were literature tables outside the hall. One of them featured literature of the CPUSA. Behind the table was a hulking guy with sunglasses, black t-shirt and spittle dripping out of the corner of his mouth. It was Mickey. If any group was more unpopular than SSOC at this gathering it was the CP. But Mickey was boldly sitting there. He was the only person there who sincerely listened to me. He said if I ever happened to be in New York I should look him up and I took his name and number.
About a year later, Marian, my future wife, and I happened to be passing through New York. I still had Mickey's number in my wallet. I called him and he invited us over. So we drove to his apartment on Grand Ave in the Bronx. After smoking some dope, Mickey took us on a trip where introduced us to a number of comrades. He left us at somebody's house while he took off to take care of some business. I believe at that point we hooked up with Ginny who was working at the phone company that just happened to be on strike. I'm not sure this happened but my recollection is that we spent the night running around terrorizing scabs. Afterwards we went to Mickey's apartment where we smoked some more and spent the night.

Marian and I were looking for some group to belong to. We liked the Workers World's banners at demonstrations. Mickey gave us copies of Red Papers 1 and suggested we read them. We did and were very impressed with the work that the Revolutionary Union was doing. So now Marian and I were torn between joining Workers World or the RU.
Marian and I moved to Baltimore and kept in touch with Mickey. Even though, RU comrades in Philadelphia had the responsibility for recruiting us, Mickey stayed in touch. He knew Marian had some problems in particular with the RU and the women question. He put her in touch with a comrade listed in the New York phone book as "Zelda Stalin" who was a big help in overcoming both the Independent Women's movement issues as well as the Stalin Question (Stalin killed too many of the wrong people and not enough of the right ones).
There is one story that didn't involve Mickey directly. Some other comrades and I were working at a medium size shop that was represented by the United Furniture Workers Union. This union continued to be under the domination of the C.P. The leadership of the Union didn't know how to deal with us. Their first reaction was to threaten us. Then they decided to get us on board. "You know Michael Jarvis? We know you do! His father and I got arrested and beaten up in the South". They tried to co-opt us on the basis of knowing Mickey's family!
I remain proud to be a revolutionary and a socialist. I am proud to be one of the many that Mickey taught and inspired.. [1]

1988 Maryland Rainbow Coalition State convention

Held December 3, 1988, nearly 100 attendees.

Officers elected;

Michael Meiselman of Machinists local 1140, welcomed the attendees. Key note was Dr. Alvin Thornton of Howard University.[2]

Freedom Road magazine


Special thanks from Freedom Road Socialist Organization's Freedom Road magazine Number 1, Spring 2001 went to Cameron Barron, Scott Braley, Ajamu Dillahunt, Bill Capowski, Mike Meiselman, Rajiv Rawat, Vicky Menjivar, Michelle Foy, Jon Liss, Chip Smith.


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