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Mike Law


Mike Law has a BA from Auckland, a Diploma of Education Studies from Waikato and a masters of Education from Rutgers. He is chairman of the Department of Sociology and Social Policy and is Seniorr Lecturer (Labour and Trade Union Studies).

Maoist student

In 1969, he was International vice president of AUSA and helped his friend and Maoist comrade, Trevor Richards, found Halt All Racist Tours.

In 1970, Law was involved in demonstrations against visiting US President, Lyndon Johnson. In 1971 he joined the executive of a Maoist front organisation, the New Zealand Race Relations Council. The same year he was vice President of NZUSA and chairman of the Wellington Committee on Vietnam.

Also in 1971, Law joined the first of several NZUSA organised tours to China. The month long tour was led by future Labour deputy Prime Minister, David Caygill and future National MP Tim Groser and one time leader of the Workers Communist League, Graeme Clarke.

In 1972, Law was honorary Vice President of NZUSA. He also attended a 100 strong demo in Wellington, its theme “Victory to the NLF”-that is National Liberation Front, otherwise known as the Vietcong.

In Socialist Action of 16th February 1973, Keith Locke complained that Law had assaulted him in central Wellington on 8th December “following months of intense political debate within the antiwar and antitour movements.”

All through the ’70s, Mike Law edited HART News and in 1974 was business manger for the allied Maoist publication “The Paper”. Other helpers or contributors to “The Paper” included, Rona Bailey, Alick Shaw, Peter Franks, Terry Auld, Robert Reid, Lisa Sacksen (all future members of the Workers Communist League) future Air NZ board member Rob Campbell, future Race Relations Conciliator Joris de Bres, unionist Pat Kelly, Principal Family Court judge Peter Boshier, journalist Gyles Beckford, writer Tony Simpson and HART leader Trevor Richards.

All through the’70s Law was Deputy chairman of HART, under his friend and comrade, Trevor Richards. He worked for much of this time as a union organiser for the Public Service Association.

In 1981, Law was in the thick of anti tour activity. On June 23rd, a pro tour mob, enraged by the protestor forced abandonment of the All Black’s/Springbok game, invaded HART’s Hamilton HQ in Gwynne Street and beat up Law, Dick Cuthbert and John Minto.


In the mid ’80s, Law was working at Centre for Continuing Education, at the University of Waikato. Shortly after Labour’s 1984 election victory, he was appointed chairman of of a four person Task Force on Trade Union Education. His three colleagues were;

Jackson Smith; A senior Socialist Unity Party member and Wellington Drivers Union official Dick Lowe; A former Labour party executive member and official in the SUP dominated, Labourers Union Maryan Street; A PPTA official, Labour party activists, known to be on friendly terms with the SUP. Now a Labour list MP.

This Taskforce led to the establishment of the Trade Union Education Authority. Until it was abolished by the Bolger Government, TUEA served as a taxpayer funded propaganda vehicle for the SUP. Known Party supporters who were paid or subsidised by TUEA include; Graeme Whimp, Hazel Armstrong, Ros Goldsbrough, Brendan Tuohy, Joe Tepania, Gary Reading, Sam Murray and Marilyn Kohlhase.

Workers Communist League supporters on the payroll or in receipt of TUEA subsidies include; Graeme Clarke, David Steele and Therese O'Connell.


In 1993 Law lectured at a seminar run by the SUP breakaway, Socialist Party of Aotearoa’s “Workers Institute of Scientific Education”. His fellow lecturers included his Waikato Trade Union Education colleague, David Neilson.

Trade Union Studies School

The three main lecturers at Waikato’s Labour and Trade Union Studies School, Law, David Neilson and Paul Harris are all come from well established socialist backgrounds.

Kirk Legacy Seminar

The Labour Party will formally acknowledge the work of Sir Owen Woodhouse at a presentation at the Kirk Legacy Seminar to be held at Auckland Girls Grammar School on Saturday, November 3rd, announced Paul Chalmers, Labour Party Regional Reresentative.

At 96 years old, Sir Owen will be speaking at the event and will be presented with a token of appreciation by the Leader of the Party, David Shearer and ACC spokesperson, Andrew Little.

"We are honoured to have Sir Owen at the Kirk Legacy Seminar. "Norm Kirk ensured that when the scheme started under his government, it was true to Sir Owen's original proposal". said Andrew Little. "This a moment in time when we can reflect on the on both the contribution of both Kirk Government and one of its finest achievements, ACC."

The Kirk Legacy Seminar is being held to commemorate the achievements of the Kirk Government of 1972 - 1975. Speakers include Bob Harvey and Hamish Keith, biographers Margaret Hayward and Dave Grant, commentator Colin James, Green MP Kennedy Graham, Labour MPs Jacinda Ardern and Nanaia Mahuta, Historian Gerard Hill, and Rev Bob Scott and lecturer Mike Law, Panelists Bob Tizard, Judy McGregor and Chris Trotter.[1]

National Question

George Rosenberg and Mike Law met with Socialist Unity Party member Richie Gillespie on "National Question" issues.

Halt All Racist Tours

In April 1977, Paul Chalmers was named in HART News, ph 66-509 MAN, as an organizer for the 28 May HART fundraising dinner where Mike Law would speak in favour of full time area officer to co-ordinate anti-apartheid activities in region.

On June 16 1981 Invercargill MP Norm Jones entered into the parliamentary record pages 460-461 the names of several Halt All Racist Tours leaders.

The List included Mike Law - HART deputy national chairman, Former Committee on Vietnam. "Espouses Workers Communist League".


Wellington Marxist-Leninist Organisation and The Paper Collective members such as Terry Auld and Mike Law were contributors to Salient. [2]

Contributors to Issue 1

Contributors to the production of Issue 1 The Paper July 1973 were Trevor Richards, Roger Steele, Graeme Collins, Mike Law, Sandy Lonsdale, Meg Bailey, Don Franks, Gyles Beckford, Peter Boshier, Warwyck Dewe, Les Atkins, Rob Campbell, Peter Wilson, Gordon Clifton, Keith Stewart, Peter Franks, Rona Bailey, Lisa Sacksen, with editorial onus on Ted Sheehan and Jim Delahunty.