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Mike Alexander

Mike Alexander was associated with the Communist Workers Party.


Organizing Committee Against Black Genocide


In the early 1980s Mike Alexander regularly contributed to Workers Viewpoint, representing the Organizing Committee Against Black Genocide.

Workers Viewpoint

Workers Viewpoint, March 15, 1984

In 1984 contributors to the Communist Workers Party's Workers Viewpoint, included Mike Alexander.

Covering the Rainbow

On May 5 1984, at the Mississippi Democratic Party convention, Bennie Thompson was elected to the DNC. An early Jesse Jackson supporter, Thompson had the support of all the Jackson delegates. Reporting on the event for the Communist Workers Party's Workers Viewpoint, Mike Alexander described Thompson as a "genuinely progressive, honest young politician, who can be counted on not to sell his people out".[1]

Jackson delegate

Frontline, September 26, 1988

Mike Alexander was Mississippi state coordinator for the 1988 Jackson campaign.

Obama connection



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