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Michael T. Moore

"Healthcare:showdown at the Statehouse"

The July 2005 a Boston Democratic Socialists of America members members meeting voted to back all three of the health care proposals debated below: the “single payer” legislation proposed by State Senator Warren Tolman and Representative Frank Hynes, the campaign for a state constitutional amendment guaranteeing health care coverage, and also Senator Michael T. Moore’s Mass ACT bill.

This last has provoked some dissent. "The Yankee Radical welcomes the responses of members and friends, however critical, but one apparent misunderstanding should be clarified. Sandy Eaton comments that some in DSA feel that Mass Care, in “vigorously supporting” the single payer bill, is splitting the movement for health care reform. Actually, as a charter member of the Mass Care coalition, we certainly have no objection to its support of legislation we also favor. But does wanting the best solution always mean opposition to more modest efforts that have a chance of winning?'"[1]